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richtig fermentieren

You would like to achieve a mild and flavorful smoking experience? Do it like a pro and resort to fermentation or curing. This method helps you to significantly increase and improve the quality and taste of your harvest. You'll get a unique taste experience - just like in the coffee shop. Find out how to ferment your flowers properly below.

Before you can start fermenting, you must first successfully grow your plant. How to do this in the Bonsanto Mini Grow Box, you will learn in our growing guide.

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But what does fermenting properly mean?

Fermentation describes the controlled storage and curing of your harvest. The fermentation process should take at least two weeks, but can take several months. Proper fermentation converts the non-psychoactive THC of your harvest into psychoactive THC, resulting in a more intense smoking experience. Furthermore, the substance chlorophyll is broken down, which prevents scratching during smoking.

Why should you ferment?

Proper fermentation brings many benefits. Because fermentation dries your buds completely inside, it increases the storage life of your harvest. Fermented buds can be stored longer than non-fermented buds, without the risk of mold. In addition, properly fermented buds have a higher quality, more intense flavor and milder smoking experience.

Grow fermentieren Luftfeuchtigkeit

Wie funktioniert richtig Fermentieren?

Furthermore, if you want your seeds to germinate, it is important that the soil is not wet, but moist. If the soil is too wet, it can cause the seeds to rot. A spray can is best for moistening the soil.

Before you can start fermenting, you need to dry your buds as usual for three to seven days. For proper fermentation you need only two items: a container, preferably a sealable jar (e.g. the Miron storage container from Bonsanto and a hygrometer to measure the humidity of the air.

Fill your container up to ¾ full with the flowers and add the hygrometer. Then you can close the jar airtight. For the curing of your harvest to begin, the humidity in the container must be between 60-65%. Therefore, check the hygrometer regularly and act according to the humidity. If the humidity is lower than 55%, the jar should remain closed for 1-2 hours. If the humidity is higher than 65%, you need to open the jar for a while until the humidity is back in the optimal range for proper fermentation.

To better regulate humidity, you can also use the Bovenda Hygro-Pack from Bonsanto, as this bag can release or absorb water vapor depending on the humidity.

Questions about how to ferment properly?

If you have any questions regarding the correct fermentation of your crop, please feel free to contact us. All information about growing in the Bonsanto Growbox can be found in our Instructions.

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