Autoflower soil: Soil for autoflower

Autoflower soil: Soil for autoflower

Autoflowers are popular among growers especially because of their ease of cultivation. How exactly autoflowering plants are grown, you can read here in our blog. In order to provide your autoflower with sufficient nutrients, it is important to choose the right Autoflower soil for your grow. Mistakes such as choosing the wrong soil for Autoflower are difficult to fix when growing Autoflowering plants, as the growing period is only a few weeks. To ensure you a bountiful harvest, be sure to use a suitable grow soil. Which is the best grow soil for autoflower, we explain below.

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Why is the right soil important for autoflower?

Even though autoflowering plants are easy to grow, the yield and quality of your harvest will depend on the soil you choose. So don't save money at the wrong end by using cheap soil from hardware stores. These often do not have the right PH and EC values, which are important for growing, and do not have enough nutrients. There is also a risk of introducing pests through hardware store soil, which will harm the growth of your plant. The best soil for autoflowering can be found in many grow stores. Our Bonsanto soil is also suitable for the cultivation of Autoflowers. It is self-regulating, so you can save measuring pH and EC. In general, when using Bonsanto components, you have the advantage that you do not need a PH meter, EC meter, temperature or moisture meter. This makes your work much easier when growing the plant. More information about growing in the Bonsanto growbox can be found in our growing guide

What should you consider when choosing autoflower soil?

When choosing the right soil for autoflower grow medium, you should pay special attention to components such as airiness, nutrient content, pH and EC value. But also the use of organic soil is important for growing autoflower. How exactly you grow in one of our grow boxes, you will learn in the growing guide on our website.

Autoflower soil: Soil for autoflower

Looser soil for autoflower

When looking for a suitable autoflower soil, make sure it is loose and airy. Loose and airy soil means that the roots of your autoflower can grow faster and don't have to struggle to find their way through the soil. The airy soil not only provides the roots with enough oxygen, but also allows them to absorb water and nutrients better than when using heavy grow soil. The risk of rotting roots can also be prevented by loose soil.

Natural soil for autoflower

Of course, as with any other type of plant, it is important that the soil for autoflowering varieties is 100% natural and defined as organic soil. This way, the harvest can be consumed without any problems and you don't have to worry about ingesting harmful substances. The Premium soil from Bonsanto, for example, is an organic soil and is therefore a suitable autoflower soil. The organic soil has microorganisms that strengthen the defenses of your plant by making nutrients from the soil available to the roots.

Nutrient soil for autoflower

In terms of nutrients, autoflowering varieties require a little caution. Unlike photoperiod strains, they require less nutrients because the vegetative growth phase is relatively short. You should avoid over- and under-fertilization at all costs! Premium soil from Bonsanto, for example, is ideal for growing autoflowers because it already has some nutrients and you can therefore do without additional fertilizer, especially in the first weeks of cultivation. When choosing soil for autoflowers, make sure that it contains compost and perlite. Compost is an organic substance that accelerates plant growth, whereas perlite loosens the soil and thus contributes to improved oxygen uptake by the roots. In addition, perlite aids soil drying, improving aeration of the soil. Do not use soil that does not contain perlite, because you will ruin the growth of your autoflower.

Autoflowering soil hardware store
What soil for autoflowering

Proper PH value of the soil

The pH value indicates how acidic or alkaline your grow soil is. The values 1-6 indicate an acidic grow environment, whereas the values 8-14 represent an alkaline environment. The number 7 represents a neutral grow environment. Autoflowering plants like slightly acidic soil, so the pH of your soil should be between 6.0 and 6.5. If you pay attention to the pH value when buying soil for autoflowering, you will save yourself a lot of time, as you won't have to regulate it yourself. The Bonsanto soil is pH self-regulating and is therefore perfect for growing your autoflower. How to grow in the Bonsanto Growbox, you learn here. If you are not using self-regulating soil, you should regularly measure the pH of your soil so that you can intervene if your soil becomes too acidic or alkaline.

Correct EC value of the soil

Autoflowers basically need less nutrients than other plant species. Therefore, it is useful to regularly measure the EC value of the soil for autoflowers. The EC value indicates how nutrient-rich the soil is. The correct EC value is important for a fast and healthy autoflower growth. A too low value indicates underfertilization, whereas a high EC value indicates overfertilization. It is best to use soil from a grow store, such as Bonsanto soil, because it already has the optimal EC value and thus saves you a lot of work. 

Autoflower soil

How do you recognize bad soil?

There are a few signs by which you can tell that a soil is rather unsuitable for growing your autoflower. If the autoflower soil is light and not dark brown, it most likely has insufficient nutrients and is therefore not suitable for growing. Furthermore, you can do a smell test. If the soil smells unpleasant, this can be an indication that the soil is too acidic and in this case you should rather not use it for your grow. Another indication for bad soil is to use your hand. Take some soil in your hand and form a ball. If the ball sticks together well and does not fall apart when squeezed gently, the soil is too heavy for growing autoflowering plants. Instead, the soil should be airy and fall apart easily when squeezed.

Soil for Autoflower - Autoflowering soil

The Bonsanto Premium Soil

For growing your autoflower plant we recommend our Premium soil .

Since the soil PH is self-regulating and has all the necessary nutrients, it is also suitable for grow beginners and promises success directly from the first cultivation. It is also 100% natural and has a high germination rate. Your soil ensures that your plant can grow in a loose and airy soil and the roots are supplied with enough oxygen. The living Bonsanto soil contains compost and perlite and thus supports a fast growth of your Autoflower. With this choice, nothing can go wrong when growing your autoflower plant. You can also follow our growing instructions if you use our grow box to grow your Autoflower. Have fun growing!

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