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THE all-round solution to grow your plant unobtrusively.

Completely odourless. Powerful, energy-saving LED light (35 watts from Bonsanto®).

Without complicated accessories. This is the mini growbox complete set from Bonsanto.

  • Platz für einen Pflanzentopf (3,2l/5,7l)
  • high-power LED light from Bonsanto® (with Samsung LED chips)
  • Ventilation system with activated carbon filter for odourless cultivation
  • Compact, neat, inconspicuous & portable
  • specially developed fertiliser, CO2 bags & soil optionally available
  • Plants with a height of 1.8m can be grown in a suitcase using special Scrog technique (more info)
  • Yields with up to 25-35 g and more possible!
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The Bonsanto Mini Growbox Complete Set is an absolute innovation in the field of indoor growing and is the basis for a successful grow. The growbox case in size M is compact, inconspicuous, quiet and is also or especially suitable for small living areas. Despite its compact size, the Grow Box M can also bring in decent yields up to 30g. (It is recommended to use a Scrog grid for cultivation according to the ScrOG method).

The basis for the Mini Growbox Complete Set is a special hard case, which was developed especially for the purpose. This makes our Mini Growbox Complete Set stand out from other mini grow boxes on the market. The Grow Box M comes on wheels, can be easily moved back and forth, so it never gets in the way. Due to the neutral case design, the Mini Growbox Complete Set can be inconspicuously inserted into the living area. The Mini Grow Box also looks great in closets. The case can be easily closed and opened using the zipper. In addition, the Mini Grow Box Complete Set already contains all the important elements that are needed for indoor growing. So you not only save time and effort, but also have created the perfect grow environment for your plants!

The assembly of the mini grow box complete set is very simple. After delivery, the grow box is directly ready for the first indoor grow. Simply mount the fan, the activated carbon filter and the LED light and you're ready to go!

Mini Growbox Complete Set - Accessories

The Mini Grow Box Complete Set has a specially developed ventilation system. This is able to create a negative pressure in the box to ensure, that no odors escape outsidewhich could be disturbing for house or co-inhabitants. The activated carbon filter responsible for this lasts about 6 months (depending on the odor of the plant) and can be replaced easily accessible. Activated carbon to change the filter can be found in our online store.

In addition, the Mini Growbox Complete Set M comes with a USB fan, which provides air circulation in the growbox and the health of the plant by preventing the formation of mold. In addition, the fan and the activated carbon filter system are so quiet that it does not disturb when the Mini Growbox Complete Set is integrated in the living area.

The odor filtration is also useful in the fermentation of your plant: if you plan to use the Mini Growbox Complete Set to dry your plant, this is now also possible odorless at home.

Bonsanto LED light

The flagship of the Mini Grow Box Complete Set M is clearly the Full Spectrum LED lamp from Bonsanto®. "Full Spectrum" means that you don't have to change the light source used in the Mini Grow Box - as is the case with conventional indoor growing solutions - as soon as you grow a different type of plant or your plant enters the next growth phase. The LED lamp used here is extremely long-lasting and suitable for any type of plant and any growth phase - that saves costs, time and effort.

With a rated power of only 35W, experienced indoor growers will quickly decline with thanks - but don't be fooled! Bonsanto®'s special and expensive to manufacture LED lamp outshines conventional bulbs with many times the power consumption, making it not only a perfect all-around solution, but consumes only a small fraction of the power used by other alternatives.

The lamp consumes at a lighting time of 18h / day only about 6.71 € * per month (*0.35 € kilowatt price) - of course always depending on your electricity tariff. Nevertheless: no conventional indoor grow lighting can keep up here, because monthly you save a whole 41.2 € per month compared to a 200 watt NDL lamp.

In addition, we provide detailed instructions for the use of the Grow Box, so that nothing can go wrong when growing. The instructions can be found here.

Is the Growbox M fireproof? 

Yes, the growbox is fireproof. Bonsanto Growbox M is characterized by its excellent quality as well as its CE certification. It is made of fireproof material and meets the strictest requirements for fire safety.

In addition, the included LED lighting reduces the risk of fire in the grow box, as the grow light meets the highest safety standards. Learn more about the topic of fireproof grow box here in our Blog.

Scope of delivery:

    • Bonsanto® Mini-Grow Box Complete Set M incl. pitches for one pot
    • Bonsanto® 35 Watt full spectrum plant lamp incl. power supply unit
    • Integrated Activated carbon filter (Silent)
    • Pre-installed USB fan (for air circulation in the case)
    • 1x bucket and 1x saucer
    • Cable ties to tie down the plant
    • Bonsanto Quick Start Guide
    • 20% Coupon for our Bonsanto Solar Panels

 Technical data:

Lamp 35W - full spectrum -waterproof
Weight of the suitcase around 1800 grams
Volume 34 L
Case dimensions 57x25x37cm (HxWxD)
Case Polycarbonate - flameproof
Fan 5V - USB connection
Ventilation slots Above and below (hidden)
Bucket volume ca. 3,2l / 5,7l
Operating temperature approx. 20-25°C

Additional information
Size of pots

2x 1 Liter Topf inkl. Halterung, 1x 3,2 Liter Topf inkl. Halterung, 1x 5,7 Liter XL Topf inkl. Halterung

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