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The 2-tier indoor grow box complete set from Bonsanto® includes everything you need to grow your favorite plants: an LED plant lamp with the right spectrum, indoor ventilation and an activated carbon filter to rid the air of odors and much more...

This product with its two floors offers an excellent expansion option for conventional grow tents and plant cultivation tents on the market. Instead of growing plants at a height of 1.2 to 1.8 m as usual, there is now the possibility to grow twice as many plants on two floors. This has several advantages over the conventional tent.

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The Bonsanto® Mini-Grow-Box 2 floor tent is THE innovation and world first in the indoor grow tent sector. With 2x LED Bonsanto fullspectrum grow lights (70/35 Watt - SAMSUNG LED Chips) or 4x SANlight® lights (50 Watt - dimmable) as well as 2x Bonsanto® activated carbon filters the Cultivation & harvesting of up to 8 plants enabled! Cultivation & harvesting of up to 8 plants enabled!

These are the decisive advantages:

  1. The growth phase is shortened by 4-6 weeks because the plants do not grow as large. Instead, one plants more plants. To limit the height, one uses the so-called SCROG technique (see link here). This allows 5-6 harvests per year instead of only 3-4 harvests with a conventional grow tent.
  2. The two-tier tent offers the distinct advantage that the lamps used can be used for both the cultivation, growth and flowering phases. With other grow tents, you often have to change or replace the lamp for each phase.
  3. In addition, the offered high power LED plant lamps offer the best efficiency on the market in terms of proper PAR value and power. Compared to Chinese lamps on Amazon, you have the distinct advantage of getting much more yield per watt. This saves a lot of money in the long run.
  4. Another key advantage is that the 2-tier tent is very quiet in operation (-70% compared to conventional grow tents). The specially developed Bonsanto activated carbon filter systems help to eliminate all odors in the grow tent while operating as quietly and power-efficiently as possible.
  5. You can use the second floor for drying and start growing plants on the second floor. This is a very effective way to expand the capacity of the tent.

2 Level Grow box

Frequently asked questions about the 2-tier tent and accessories:

Is the activated carbon filter strong enough to prevent odours?

In the tent we use two MAX activated carbon filters. Their performance would also be sufficient for a 100x100x200 cm growbox tent. Therefore, you are already somewhat "overpowered" with the two MAX activated carbon filters from Bonsanto. Nevertheless, these are 70% quieter than conventional tube filters that are offered for grow tents. In addition, you can adjust the MAX filters in their strength somewhat down. In the 60x60x160 cm grow tent, the filters do not have to run at 100% power. 80% is completely sufficient here. This makes the MAX filters even quieter.

Why is the tent as productive as a 120x120x180 cm tent?

Firstly, the two floors double the growing space compared to the standard 60x60x160 cm tent. Secondly, the low height of the plants allows them to be sent directly into flowering. Thus, one does not need to go through the growing phase (2-8 weeks after germination). This allows you to shorten the yield cycle by up to 12 weeks per year (+1 or 2 additional harvests per year possible). Thirdly, the LED Bonsanto® lamps provide the best yields through perfectly tuned LED light.

Aren't four plants a waste of seeds? Surely you could use one large pot each instead of two small ones? So one seed per tier?

Yes, you can also use two large pots (each bottom and top). This saves on the seeds. To do this, you use the SCROG method. Check out this article about it.

What are the advantages of the dimmable 50 Watt SANlight® LED lamp?

We offer the SANlight Q1W DIM 50W fullspectrum lamp, which, in addition to a height-adjustable pulley, also has a Dimming function from 20-100% in 20% steps. Depending on the growth stage of the plant, the light intensity can be adjusted. This not only allows for optimized lighting, but also helps save on electricity costs. The special feature: The full-spectrum LED saves you from constantly changing lamps and is perfect for growing, growing and flowering.

How do I properly plant the plants in the soil? 

See the illustration below. More information can be found in our detailed mounting instructions. Here everything is explained step by step.

5 Tipps zum einpflanzen von Cannabissamen Scope of delivery:

    • Indoor Grow Box: Secret Jardin® Hydro Shoot 60
    • 2x or 4x high performance LED light - "Full Spectrum" plant light (Bonsanto® / SANlight®) incl. power supply and cable - no need to change the lamp between cultivation, growth and flowering
    • 2x ventilation systems incl. activated carbon filter (Max)
    • 2x Pro Fan
    • Aluminum Composite Plate Floor Bracket  
    • Instructions "Quick Start"
    • Optional: Scrog grid 
    • Optional: Bonsanto® soil 
    • Optional: 4x plant pots 3.2 litres + 4x saucers 
    • Cable tie 
    • Assembly instructions

Technical data:

Dimensions tent 60x60x160cm - 2x 0,36 sqm floor space
LED Lamps 70 Watt Bonsanto® LED / 50 Watt SANlight® LED / 35 Watt Bonsanto® LED incl. power supply and cable
Volume 192 Litres
Tent frame material Steel tubes Ø16mm - Plastic push-in brackets
Material walls Screen M210D
Filter system Activated carbon filtration (Max)
Circulating air 2x USB fan PRO
Material shelf holder Aluminium composite panel


Bonsanto® 2 Floor Grow Box Tent - Key Advantages

    • Cultivation on two floors in a tent of size 60cmx60cmx160cm - Comparable yields with a tent size of min. 120cm x 120cm x 180cm (see pictures)
    • Complete odor elimination through 2 Bonsanto® activated carbon filters (NP: 300€)
    • The 2-tier grow box is quieter (-70%) than previous grow boxes
    • No need to change lamps between growing, growing phase & flowering phase
    • Another option: second floor can be used for drying, second floor for growing. Effective capacity expansion of the tent. During the drying phase, cultivation can already be started.
    • Another option: second floor can be used for drying, second floor for growing. Effective capacity expansion of the tent. During the drying phase, cultivation can already be started.
Additional information

2x 35 Watt Full Spektrum LED Lampe, 2x 70 Watt Full Spektrum LED Lampe, 4x 50 Watt SANlight (2 Lamps on each Level)

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  1. Simon Wolf

    Alles bestens :)

    Simon Wolf

    Habe mich an die Bonsanto Grow Anleitung gehalten, und ds funktioniert bis jetzt alles bestens 🙂

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  2. Adrian


    Also Leute, wenn ich euch jetzt erzähle, was ich hier für einen Ertrag erwirtschaftet habe. Das glaubt Ihr mir nicht. Ich war vorher skeptisch ob Bonsanto wirklich das hält was es verspricht. Aber ich bin jetzt mit meinem Grow durch und habe sage und schreibe 138G geerntet. Sagenhaft! Ich habe 2x Full Spektrum 70 Watt Lampen von Bonsanto verwendet. Die Lampen leisten wirklich ganze Arbeit. Ich bin froh, dass hier nicht nur 1x Aktivkohlefilter enthalten war. Das wäre in der Tat glaube ich ein bisschen zu wenig Power.

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