Stealth Grow Box

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Stealth Grow Box

Looking for a way to grow discreetly? The topic of Stealth Grow Box is interesting for both experienced growers and grow beginners, as it offers a discreet way to grow plants indoors and create optimal conditions for plant growth. In this post, we will explain to you how a stealth grow box works and what advantages it offers.

Whether you're an experienced grower looking for a better way to grow plants indoors or a grow beginner, this post will provide you with valuable insight into the world of stealth grow boxes.

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What is a Stealth Grow Box?

A stealth grow box is a specially designed indoor grow room for plants, especially for growing cannabis or other herbs that require privacy and discretion. The term "stealth" comes from English and means "secrecy" or "camouflage," indicating that these grow boxes are designed to be unobtrusive and undetectable. So if you grow in a stealth grow box, you can protect your grow from prying eyes.

Typically, stealth grow boxes are small, enclosed containers equipped with various elements to control environmental conditions such as light, temperature, humidity and ventilation. Most boxes have odor filter systems to minimize or neutralize the characteristic scent of growing hemp.

Stealth grow boxes are often used by hobby growers who want to grow their own plants at home, but for various reasons cannot use large or obvious growing equipment. Due to their discreet nature, these grow boxes allow you to grow privately without unwanted attention.

What is a Stealth Grow Box

What are the advantages of a Stealth Grow Box?

Using a Stealth Grow Box gives you several advantages.

As mentioned before, a stealth grow box allows you to grow discreetly within your own four walls. The boxes are mostly compact and inconspicuous, which is why your cultivation remains unnoticed. Especially the mini grow boxes from Bonsanto allow for a discreet grow, because the grow boxes are designed in a suitcase and are mistaken for a normal suitcase by visitors and roommates.

When growing cannabis, it is important to reduce the characteristic odor of the plant, as this can quickly spread not only in the grow room, but also throughout your home. Stealth grow boxes are often equipped with high-quality odor filter systems that can minimize or even eliminate unpleasant odors. Bonsanto offers you an activated carbon filter Max, which is especially powerful and useful when growing multiple plants at once. Bonsanto's Silent activated carbon filter is characterized by its quiet operation while successfully neutralizing odors.

The grow boxes also offer precise control over important factors such as light, temperature, humidity and ventilation. This can create optimal conditions to promote the growth and health of your plants. With a Stealth Grow Box, plants can also be grown year-round, regardless of seasonal outdoor conditions. This allows you to have a consistent and reliable harvest.

Most stealth grow boxes are compact and take up very little space. Therefore, they are ideal for people with limited space at home or for those who live in small rental apartments. A stealth grow box can also be a good option for beginners, as they are often sold as a complete system that includes all the necessary components and is easy to use. Bonsanto's grow boxes, for example, are complete kits and already come with all the essential components you need for a successful grow.

Advantages Stealth Grow Box

How does a Stealth Grow Box work?

A Stealth Grow Box essentially functions like an indoor greenhouse, specifically designed to make indoor plant growing discreet and efficient. The main functions of a Stealth Grow Box are to control light, temperature, humidity and ventilation to create optimal growing conditions for the plants.

Light exposure

A stealth grow box consists of a locked box or cabinet, usually made of opaque material such as metal, wood or plastic. The box is designed to prevent light from entering the outside and reflect the light inside to maximize light output for the plants. The light output can also be enhanced by attaching a reflective foil. We recommend Bonsanto's reflective film because it is UV and water resistant and easy to apply.

Inside the Stealth Grow Box is a lighting system, usually consisting of special plant lamps such as LED or HID lamps. These lamps emit the light spectrum needed for plant growth, including blue and red light to help the process of photosynthesis. We would advise you to use an LED plant lamp.


The Stealth Grow Box maintains the internal temperature at an ideal level. This is important because high or low temperatures can affect plant growth. Use a ventilation system or small fan to remove heat and prevent overheating. Proper humidity is also important as it promotes root growth and minimizes the risk of mold.

Ventilation & Odor

A ventilation system allows continuous air exchange in the box. This is important to supply fresh air and increase the carbon dioxide content, which is necessary for photosynthesis of the plants. At the same time, it helps to remove excess heat and reduce cannabis odor. Many Stealth Grow Boxes are equipped with carbon filters to minimize or neutralize the characteristic odor of plant growth. This prevents odors from leaking out into your home and maintains discretion.


The Stealth Grow Box can have an irrigation system that automates the watering of the plants. This can be done through drip irrigation, hydroponic systems or commercial irrigation systems. This saves you time and effort, and allows you to water your cannabis plants even when you're not around.

Bonsanto grow boxes

Bonsanto offers a wide range of grow boxes of different sizes and materials. A particularly compact and inconspicuous cultivation allows you the mini grow boxes M, L or XL. They look like a suitcase, can be easily integrated into your living space and are easy to move because they are rollable. Using the SCROG method, you can grow plants up to 1.80m high in the mini growboxes. So despite the small size of the box, you are able to get a high-yielding crop. You can also find larger grow tents or a grow cabinet complete set in the Bonsanto store!

Stealth Grow Box - Overview

  • Stealth Grow Boxes feature an unobtrusive design and are designed for indoor grow of hemp
  • They provide precise control over grow factors such as light, temperature, humidity and ventilation
  • With a Stealth Grow Box you can create the ideal grow environment for your cannabis plants
  • At Bonsanto you will find a wide range of grow boxes that will allow you to grow unobtrusively and efficiently

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