Legal information Bonsanto®

We regularly receive questions about the legality of purchasing Bonsanto® articles. Which legal aspects are relevant? And is there a risk of house searches for buyers? To cut a long story short: No! Bonsanto® specializes in selling products that are intended solely for the cultivation of legal plants. We would like to clarify here that we explicitly distance ourselves from the use of our products in connection with illegal plants. Therefore, there is no risk for our customers of a house search, because for that there would have to be a reasonable suspicion. However, such a suspicion does not arise from the purchase of Bonsanto® articles.

We are aware that various YouTubers and Influencers use and feature our products. However, Bonsanto® does not take any responsibility for the way these products are used. In this context, we also emphasize once again that we distance ourselves from any use in connection with illegal plants.

Our goal at Bonsanto® is to provide our customers with the highest level of legal security and a trustworthy buying experience. For this reason, we treat customer data with the utmost care and delete it within 48 hours. In addition, we would like to emphasize that Bonsanto® only offers growing supplies, such as cases and bulbs, for legal plants like tomatoes, chilies, peppers or lemons. Therefore, based on the purchase of Bonsanto® items, there is no justification for the state to initiate or conduct a home search.