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Beste Growbox

For a successful indoor grow you need the best grow box. Growboxes come in different sizes and shapes, which differ in material, equipment and quality. In the following, we explain how you can find the best grow box for you and what you should look for when buying.

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Best Growbox - Why do you need a growbox?

A grow box allows you to have the best conditions for an indoor grow. It is specially designed for growing plants. No matter what type of plant you want to grow, a growbox is suitable for it. A grow box allows you to control the grow of your plant and adjust the components that are important for the grow so that they promote the growth of your plant. It also protects your plant from the unwanted gaze of others. Compared to outdoor grow or direct indoor grow, a grow box allows you to grow inconspicuously. You protect your plants from external influences and can grow regardless of weather and season. If you want to grow indoors, buying or building a grow box is essential.

In the growbox, you can control lighting, ventilation, temperature, and humidity to create the perfect growing environment for your plant. Imagine growing your plant in your room without a grow box. Then you would have the problem that you would have to regulate the temperature directly for your whole room. You would have to provide adequate daylight or leave the room lamp on for 12-18 hours a day to provide your plant with enough light during the day. This is obviously cumbersome, time-consuming, and not fun. With a growbox, in which lighting and ventilation can be accommodated, you have solved this problem. A grow box allows you to have a healthy plant growth and a good harvest.

A grow box, if fireproof, can also contribute to the safety of your grow by increasing fire protection and preventing it from spreading in the event of a fire in the grow box. The Bonsanto mini grow boxes in case design are fireproof, CE certified and meet the highest standards in terms of flame protection. If you want to learn more about indoor growing safety, check out our blog post "Fireproof grow box".

Beste Growbox Bonsanto
Beste Growbox von Bonsanto

What are the advantages of a grow box?

We have summarized the advantages that a grow box offers you once again:

  •       Unobtrusive cultivation
  •       Grow regardless of season & weather
  •       Cultivation of any plant
  •       Controllable cultivation
  •       Create an optimal grow environment
  •       Healthy plant growth
  •       High yield harvest
  •       Simple cultivation

What is the best place for a grow box?

To find the best grow box for you, you should think about where you want to place the grow box in the apartment or your house before buying. A grow box allows you to grow inconspicuously compared to a windowsill grow or outdoor grow, but it is still visible to visitors in your home. Therefore, you should place your grow box in places or rooms that are lockable or not very accessible. For example, closets, cellars or storage rooms are suitable. Furthermore, you should of course make sure that you have enough space for the grow box of your choice at the selected location.

Beste Growbox unauffälliger Grow
Beste Growbox Indoor Fensterbank Grow
Beste Growbox Outdoor Grow

What kind of grow boxes are there?

There are grow boxes of different sizes and types. For example, there are grow tents, which are made of a thin and light material and are usually relatively large. There are also mini growboxes, which are characterized by their small size and are an optimal alternative for growers with little space at home. Many of the grow boxes, grow tents or mini grow boxes are not only available as single boxes, but also as complete sets. This means that the scope of delivery includes important components for growing, such as lamps, ventilation systems and activated carbon filters. There are also grow boxes, such as the Bonsanto grow cases, which are fireproof and increase safety when growing.

What is the best grow box for you?

Most growers use grow boxes for indoor growing. However, Bonsanto also offers small grow boxes for outdoor growing. Therefore, before buying a grow box, you should first ask yourself if you need a grow box for indoor or outdoor grow. Furthermore, you should think about how many plants you want to grow at the same time. The more plants you want to grow at the same time, the bigger your grow box should be. At the same time, you should also ask yourself how much space you have available in your home. If you don't have a lot of space, it is recommended to use a small growbox and grow fewer plants at the same time. In a grow box you invest money and the size can not be changed afterwards, so it makes sense to deal with the issue in advance.

Kaufkriterien für die beste Growbox?

Nowadays, there are countless grow boxes of all kinds on the grow market. To find the best grow box, there are one or two buying criteria you should consider.

A good grow box is first of all characterized by stability. A good frame and stable materials are the first purchase criteria you should pay attention to. Zippers and seams should be well made.

Grow tents should have a reflective inner coating so that the light from the plant lamp is reflected in the box and the growth of the plant is promoted. This way, no light is wasted and the light from the lamp is used efficiently. In addition, grow tents should be lightproof so that the plants can grow undisturbed.

Since you need to take care of your plant every day while growing, the grow box should have enough opening so that you can easily reach the plant. A door at the front is essential. Additional side openings are a plus.

Another purchase criterion is the interior of the grow box. This should allow easy placement of the pots and quick installation of ventilation and lighting.

If you want to buy a complete set, it should include components such as a fan, activated carbon filter and plant lamp. Complete sets have the advantage that they already contain the necessary accessories for the grow. So you can easily assemble the set and start growing right away. Especially for grow beginners such complete sets are advantageous.

Best Growbox - Purchase Recommendation

There are several factors you should consider to find the best growbox for you. Below we will introduce you to our Bonsanto grow boxes and explain which grow box is best for you and when.


As mentioned above, most growers use an indoor grow box. However, you may prefer to grow outdoors, for example on your balcony or terrace, but want to protect your plant from the eyes of your neighbors or wind and weather.

Bonsanto therefore also offers outdoor grow boxes. The Bonsanto Mini-Grow-Box XS is compact and completely mobile, so you can easily place it on your terrace or balcony. The glass of the grow box has a blurry look, which is why your plant is protected from the eyes of the neighbors. The Box XS has space for two plants and is powered by a powerbank. This and the activated carbon filter are included. The Growbox XS can also be used for growing on a windowsill. Furthermore, you can purchase the Bonsanto Outdoor Grow box . This is water, UV and frost resistant, which is why it protects your plant from extreme weather conditions. It is also made of blurred glass and allows you to grow up to four plants at a time. So if you decide to grow outdoors instead of indoors, the Bonsanto Mini Growbox XS or the Bonsanto Outdoor Growbox might be the best growbox for you.

Die Mini Grow Box von Bonsanto in der Größe XS dient dem unaufälligen Anbau durch eine verschwommenheits Optik und kann durch die Powerbank betrieben werden.
Bonsanto Mini-Grow-Box XS
Bonsanto Outdoor Grow box
Bonsanto Outdoor Grow box

Size best grow box

How you find the best grow box depends, among other things, on the size of the grow box. Think about how many plants you want to grow at the same time.

If you prefer to grow one plant, we recommend the Bonsanto Mini Grow Box Suitcase M. This unobtrusive grow box in a suitcase design allows you to grow one plant and due to its small size is suitable for growers who do not have much space at home.

If you like to grow two plants, the Bonsanto Mini Grow Box Case L or the Mini Grow Box Case XL might be an option. If you want to grow two plants indoors inconspicuously, one of the two boxes could be the best grow box for you. Alternatively, there is the 40x40x120cm Mini Grow Tent from Bonsanto. The tent offers space for two plants, but can also be extended by a second floor in case you prefer to grow four plants at the same time. 

The 60x60x160cm grow box complete set from Bonsanto also has a capacity of up to four plants. If you prefer large grow tents, this grow box is a good choice for you.

Die Mini Grow Box ist geöffnet. Im Koffer befindet sich eine Pflanze mit gelben Blüten, welche von einer LED Lampe beleuchtet wird.
Mini Grow Box Case M
Die Mini Grow Box ist geöffnet. Im Koffer befinden sich zwei Pflanzenkübel.
Mini Grow Box Case L
Der schwarze Bonsanto Mini Grow Box ist leicht geöffnet. Zu sehen ist eine leuchtende LED Lampe, welche über einer Pflanze hängt.
Mini Grow Box Case XL
Growing Zelt Bonsanto Grow
40x40x120cm mini grow tent
60x60x160cm Growbox Complete Set

Type & Material

To find the best grow box for your needs, consider whether you prefer grow boxes or grow tents. For indoor growing, you can find several grow boxes in the Bonsanto store. The Bonsanto growboxes are characterized by their suitcase design. So if you want to grow inconspicuously and you have no basement rooms, storage rooms, etc. where you can protect your grow box from the eyes of others, a Bonsanto box is the best grow box for you. You can easily integrate it into your living room and additionally lock it. The Bonsanto mini grow boxes are compact and rollable, so you can easily move them around. Due to the small size, you can also store them in your closet. The best grow box is also characterized by good accessibility. This is given by the Bonsanto Mini Growboxes. Through a high quality zipper you can open the growbox completely and take care of your plant. If you are looking for the best growbox that is compact, inconspicuous and rollable, the Bonsanto Growbox M, L or XL is the right choice for you.

If you prefer grow tents, check out the grow tents from Bonsanto. These Secret Jardin brand tents are made of high quality, non-toxic materials and could be the best grow box for you. The tent is made of a sturdy frame and can be opened with a zipper on the front, so you can easily take care of your plants. There is a viewing window on the side, which allows you to observe your plant without opening the grow tent. The tents are lightproof and have a reflective inner coating, which supports the growth of your plant.

Alle drei Bonsanto Mini Grow Boxen mit den Größen XL, L und M stehen nebeneinander. Davor sind zwei Pflanzenkübel aufgestellt.
Bonsanto grow boxes
Das Grow Zelt von Bonsanto ist geöffnet. Innen befinden sich zwei Blumenkübel und eine eingeschaltete LED Lampe.
Bonsanto grow tents

Complete sets

Although grow boxes can be purchased individually, we believe that the best grow box comes in a complete set. A complete set consists not only of the grow box, but also of other grow accessories. Here you save time and effort, because you do not have to buy separately the individual components that you need for your indoor grow. In addition, the assembly of the accessories in the complete set is much easier.

The Bonsanto grow boxes and the Bonsanto grow tents are complete sets. They contain in the scope of delivery the indispensable components for your grow. The grow tents and the grow boxes from Bonsanto include an activated carbon filter, which is necessary for odorless cultivation. A fan is also included with Bonsanto. You need this for a mold and pest free grow of your plant. An LED plant lamp is also included in the Bonsanto complete set. In addition, you get matching plant pots for the grow box and the grow tent. When purchasing Bonsanto complete sets, you also have the advantage that you do not need any measuring devices, as the components are perfectly matched and self-regulating. You do not need to measure temperature, humidity, EC or PH value.

The best grow box at a glance

In short, the best grow box is characterized by the following aspects:

  •       The best grow box allows you to grow regardless of weather & season
  •       It is made of high quality and sturdy materials
  •       A good growbox allows for odorless and inconspicuous cultivation
  •       It is light proof
  •       The best growbox is easy to open
  •       It contains in the scope of delivery important grow accessories
  •       The best grow box allows easy assembly of the accessories

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