20.12.22 60x60x160cm tent Secret Jardin

Hello dear Bonsanto Community,

As of now, our much sought-after 35-watt LED lamp is available again.

The 35 watt LED plant lamp is our "queen" because it has the following advantages:

Effective and innovative: you do not have to change the lamp between growth and flowering phase. One lamp for all phases.

Cool in operation: it is significantly cooler than other comparable LED plant lamps.

Power saving: It is absolutely power saving. Herewith you get the highest yields at very low electricity costs.

Have fun with it!

Let the growers grow!

Dear Bonsanto Community, we now offer in our portfolio the 60x60x160cm tent from Secret Jardin in a complete set. Based on the newly developed activated carbon filters (MAX / Silent), we can reliably remove odors from the air in tents of this size.

The big advantage over competitors is the following:

  • Powerful high output LED plant light
  • Super compact activated carbon filter (SILENT filter 80% quieter than competitors).
  • Extremely energy efficient vs. conventional grow tents. Our 50W SANlight has a power comparable to 150W LED lamps from the competition.  (-70% electricity cost savings)
  • Absolutely beginner-friendly with Bonsanto® soil & Bonsanto® fertilizer.

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