Bonsanto® Mini Grow Box

The first grow system that makes easy & secret cultivation possible.

Strong yield. Odourless. Absolutely inconspicuous.

With the Bonsanto Mini Grow Box.

Grow Box von Bosanto

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No prior knowledge needed

The first grow system
for beginners

Secret cultivation
in premium quality

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Grow Box

Extremely quiet operation

The Bonsanto Mini Grow Box includes two ventilation systems. On the one hand, a compact activated carbon filter ensures a constant negative pressure in the box by drawing out the air in the case. This prevents unfiltered or "stinky" air from escaping outside. Fresh air is drawn into the Mini Grow Box (from above) through invisible vents. On the other hand, the Bonsanto Mini Grow Box also has an additional fan. This provides air circulation in the case so that the plant feels comfortable. Air turbulence is important for the plant because, firstly, the stem of the plant is strengthened. Secondly, the risk of mold in the grow project is reduced to 0%.

Low power consumption

All our offered LED plant lamps have the highest efficiency. For example, our 50 Watt LED SANlight Growlight is comparable, for example, with a conventional sodium lamp with 350 watts. This means that the LED grow lamps can roughly save 160.95€ per cultivation cycle in costs. (Assumption: 0,35€ electricity price per KW, 3 months cycle phase). A similar effect can be seen in our ventilation systems. These consume significantly less electricity than e.g. activated carbon filter systems from the competition. Large tube fans are not only more power intensive, but they are also significantly noisier than the Bonsanto Grow Box ventilation systems.  

Grow Box

Absolutely inconspicuous

The case system from Bonsanto is an absolute world first. Never before has it been possible to cultivate your favorite plant so space-saving and secret. The Mini Grow Box can be positioned anywhere inconspicuously. In addition, the case offers the advantage over conventional Grow Indoor systems, which are 100% movable. Thus, a quick change of place is possible. You can position the Grow Box in the closet, hallway, or bathroom. In addition, each case can be locked. This prevents access by other people.

Simple and uncomplicated cultivation

A tuned system - Very beginner friendly

The Bonsanto® soil and the Bonsanto® fertilizer are optimally matched to get started successfully with one of our grow boxes. Take a look at the growing instructions in our store - even without a green thumb you will easily achieve the desired result.


Strong Yield

Tests have shown that yields of up to 50g* can be harvested with one harvest in the Grow Box. (*Case XL)

100% odourless

Through innovative activated carbon, the air can be effectively cleaned in a very small box. The activated carbon filter has a power of 140m3/h and is at the same time very silent (28<db).

Mini Grow Box
Plug & Grow by Bonsanto

A fully equipped case that allows you to start growing your favourite plant straight away. 

The Growbox Set contains perfectly matched components that you need for your grow project.

Group 203

Connect the case / tent to a power source and get started straight away!

Group 204

Extremely inconspicuous system for home use

Group 205

Incredibly easy operation with pre-fertilised soil, aeration system and premium LED plant light from SANlight® & Bonsanto®.


Step by step we will show you how you can easily grow your favourite plant in the Mini Grow Box. Using simple techniques (see manual), each plant can easily be cultivated in the small format.

Bonsanto® Mini Grow Box -
because growing can also be simple

No need to measure & adjust PH value

No need to measure & set temperatures

No measurement & adjustment of humidity necessary

No changing of plant lamp necessary between growth & flowering phase

Grow Box

Grow Box - Worldwide Shipping

Grow Box
CO2 Bags


To grow the plant in the best conditions in the grow box, we offer you our CO2 bags. With CO2 your plant will grow much faster. The amount of CO2 produced is absolutely safe for humans.


Growbox LED - Farbspektrum

The best spectrum for your plants!

Our grow LEDs (Bonsanto®/SANlight®) offer a so-called full spectrum light. This spectrum imitates sunlight. In addition to yellow and green components, the spectrum also contains red and blue components that are important for photosynthesis. Thus, the plant finds the perfect conditions for rapid growth in the grow box. The special feature: our plants LED's are suitable for both the growth phase and the flowering phase. Thus, do not need two separate lamps for cultivation.

A special soil, for special growers

Grow Box


no PH Meter needed


Efficient use of seeds


Suitable for edible plants


Protection from diseases

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This is what our customers say

Martin T.

" I was a little sceptical at first about whether the attachment would work in an L-box. After a friend had already successfully tested the system, I also bought the L-box. I am in week 8 now and my plant is growing brilliantly. Best of all, it doesn't smell ;)" - 5 out of 5 stars

Felix D.

"A masterpiece of a system! I myself have never been involved with cultivation until I came across Bonsanto. I was and am an absolute beginner. Yet I got it right first time thanks to the Bonsanto system. It's really very easy!"

Sarah W.

"Ingenious invention, which works with absolute precision. It's always fun to watch the growth of a plant :)"

Grow Box

About us & our Grow Box

The idea of the Bonsanto® Mini Grow Box is to revolutionize the growing market. Current grow systems present beginners with major challenges, such as errors in the PH value / EC value of the soil, in the humidity, in the light spectrum, or in the ambient temperature. These can quickly ruin the harvest. 

The Bonsanto Mini Grow Box System, on the other hand, prevents such errors from occurring. Our coordinated grow system including the Bonsanto accessories enables a error-free & foolproof cultivation - without the use of expensive measuring devices.

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