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ScrOG: The abbreviation ScroG stands for "Screen of Green" and is THE cultivation method and training technique for maximum yield in the smallest space. Compared to SoG ("Sea of Green"), you only need a few plants, which you trim to efficiency with a clever combination of training and pruning. The ScrOG method is therefore especially for discreet indoor growing in the mini grow box or in the grow tent the king class and with a little care the guarantor for your growing success. In the following, we will tell you everything you need to know to make the most of your growing space in the future and give you a step-by-step detailed Mini-Grow-Box or grow tent the top class and with a little care the guarantor for your growing success. In the following we will tell you everything you need to know to make the most of your growing space in the future and give you a step-by-step detailed ScrOG guide! If you're using the ScrOG method in our grow box, be sure to check out our growing guide for more information. 

Table of contents

What is Screen of Green (ScrOG)?

With the ScrOG method you bring the growth of your plants to the horizontal at the appropriate time with the help of a ScrOG growing grid or through a net. The grid is used to interweave the branches sideways, so that more shoots can grow from below and over time a dense, uniform growth over the entire surface is created - the Screen of Green. It is important that the interlacing is carried out as early as possible in the growth phase. (2-3 weeks after germination). Braiding too late, e.g. in the flowering phase, significantly reduces the yield of ScrOG. Position the SCROG grid as close as possible above the pot (about 7 - 15 centimeters). Aggressively limit the height of the plant in the growth phase. This way you won't have to tie the plant down later in the flowering phase. If you are the owner of a Bonsanto Mini Grow Box, please follow these guidelines.

Graphic ScrOG method plant growth with and without cu

The controlled growth at the same height offers the decisive advantage that all shoots are at the height of the optimum light yield. This way, you use the entire spreading area of the light when ScrOGgen. So instead of harvesting just one head and many popcorn buds, with ScrOG you can look forward to a multitude of neat colas!

Why is ScrOG beneficial in the Bonsanto grow case?

The SroOG method allows you to grow plants up to 1.80 m tall in the Bonsanto Growbox case. Despite the limited space, with ScrOG you are able to grow large plants and achieve a high yielding harvest. By bending the plants under the SCROG grid, their growth is limited in height. This allows for efficient low stress training and even exposure, resulting in optimal use of space and improved plant growth. You can find the suitable ScrOG grid for your Bonsanto case in our store under "Accessories" or here.

ScrOG-Grow - what prior knowledge do I need?

Although the ScrOG method is something for advanced growers, with our ScrOG instructions and a Bonsanto mini grow box or a Bonsanto grow tent from our store, even beginners will become successful ScrOGgers in no time! If you use our grow box for your grow, be sure to read our growing instructions here To prepare, in addition to purchasing the material, for example in complete set,you should only familiarize yourself with topping and lollipopping - two (simple) techniques for pruning your plants that you will need for controlled growth of your plant. Topping involves cutting off the tips of the main shoot of the plant. This allows two flowers to develop instead of just one. Topping, then, supports bushy plant growth. Lollipopping, on the other hand, focuses on the growth of large buds. In this method, you cut off the flowers after two weeks of flowering. You only leave the flowers on the top branches. This way you can keep your ScrOG clean and the airflow through your plant is improved.

Pruning (high stress training) and weeding through the SCROG grid (low stress training) are stressful to the plant, so you should choose resistant strains. In general, we do not recommend pruning your plant in a mini grow box. Weaving your plant into the small space in a mini grow box is perfectly sufficient to 1. produce a large number of buds and 2. make an optimal light output.

Scrog guide

Number of plants

The ScrOG method tends to use a small number of plants. Since these grow in width, it is important to give space to the individual plants in ScrOG and not to place too many plants next to each other. 

Plant varieties

The ScrOG method is particularly suitable for plant varieties that grow strongly in the direction of light. Since the space in the height is limited when growing indoors in the Mini Grow Box, it is advantageous for these plants to stimulate the growth in the width by ScrOG. Plants that grow strongly towards the light are, for example, sativa varieties. These varieties are also easy to weave through the ScrOG grid. Indica varieties, on the other hand, are less suitable for the ScrOG method. These plant varieties have brittle branches and wide leaves, which is why they can be damaged when weaving through the ScrOG grid.

Scrog Grow


For watering your ScrOG plant, we recommend that you use a watering wand, because the wide ScrOG canopy can make watering with a watering can difficult. If you use a watering wand, make sure that you can distribute the water well in the pot.

ScrOG step by step guide: Here's how!

Once you have decided on your strains and all the necessary material for the ScrOG method, you can get started with the help of our Screen-Of-Green guide. Prepare your grow by positioning one to two plants in the growbox or more plants in the tent, depending on the size of your ScrOG. Check out our here for the Bonsanto growboxes.

The right ScrOG grid or net

For an impressive Screen Of Green, the attachment grid used is essential. If you own a Bonsanto Mini-Grow-Box or one of our tents, you will find suitable ScrOG attachment grids either in a complete set or as accessories in the store. Of course, you can also build such a net or wire mesh yourself. Make sure that the mesh size of the ScrOG-grid is about 5 cm. This mesh size is necessary so that the flowers of your plant are not injured and crushed during ScrOG.

You need

The vegetation phase

During the growth phase, which lasts about 2 to 3 weeks depending on the variety, with exposure times of 18 hours daily, your plants will reach the right height for weaving in as part of the ScrOG method. For a growth height of 10 - 15 cm, position the ScrOG grid as far down as possible (7-15 centimeters above the plant pot). Use the growth phase for tying down/braiding your plant. This low stress training is forgiven by the plant at this stage. Now switch the lighting to 12 h at regular seeds. The plant will need 2 weeks at ScrOG to fully transition to flower growth. Again, you can use this time to lightly "tie down or braid". After that, the plant should be left alone if possible.

If you use automatic varieties, leave the exposure time at 18 hours. Here, too, early tying down at the beginning of the growth phase is essential. 

The flowering phase

At the beginning of the flowering phase, the shoots of each plant again grow significantly in height, so you can continue with the interlacing after ScrOG method as soon as a flower grows through the grid or net. Proceed with caution and take care not to bend the shoot. Don't worry: If it does happen, the plant will survive due to the ideal conditions in the Bonsanto Mini-Grow-Box or tent. You can also tuck large leaves slightly under the trellis during ScrOG so that they do not cast a shadow on the flowers.

If possible, leave the plant alone for 2-3 weeks after the flowering phase is initiated, as described above. 

The harvest

Depending on the variety, you can harvest the fruits of your labor with the ScrOG method in the form of fat, juicy colas and put them in the drying process. Harvesting the plants is also much easier with ScrOGging than with SOG grows due to the horizontal, clean cultivation.

Does tying down the plant harm the ScrOG?

In the vegetation phase, you can train the plant with a low stress technique. This involves tying down plant branches. Tying down does not harm the plant in the growth phase at ScrOG, because the plant is very robust at this stage. After flowering, however, you should avoid this method at all costs, because then it can no longer recover from being tied down.

Conclusion: The ScrOG hype is justified

As you can see, the ScrOG method is the ideal balancing act between small growing space and yet maximum yield in indoor growing. With the right equipment, every grow succeeds - with Bonsanto even without complex measurement of temperature, humidity and pH value and without changing lamps between growth and flowering phase. In the complete set, simply connect to the power and you are ready for ScrOGgen!

We have summarized the many advantages and few disadvantages of ScrOG for you:

Scrog method - Yellow flowers are directed through Bonsanto's scrog grid


  • optimal use of space
  • Maximum light yield
  • only a few plants necessary
  • Maximum yield
  • High quality
  • Time saving during harvest


  • somewhat longer growth phase
  • more labor-intensive growth phase

You still have questions?

As enthusiastic growers and providers of innovative solutions for all aspects of discreet cultivation, we are committed to helping all other enthusiasts achieve their personal growing success. If you are growing in our Bonsanto Mini Grow Box, get additional information here. Otherwise you can proceed as described above. If you use one of our Bonsanto grow boxes and our Bonsanto components, you have the advantage that you do not need a PH meter, EC meter, temperature or humidity meter. This saves you work and makes growing easier!

We will not only give you our ScrOG guide on your way, but will also be happy to answer all your questions - not only about the ScrOG method. Just write us what you want to know and we will get back to you as soon as possible! Feel free to use the comment function and let us know if you liked the blog article - your Bonsanto team.

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