Indoor cultivation light - All about grow lighting

Indoor cultivation light - Indoor lighting

One of the most important aspects of indoor cultivation light is the issue of proper exposure. Plants need light to grow and are supplied with sunlight outdoors. Indoors, sunlight must be simulated with the help of lamps. How you can best do this and what you should look for in grow lamps, we explain below.

If you want to make it easy for yourself, you can buy one of our Bonsanto grow lamps, as they are already perfectly matched to your indoor grow. A matching grow lamp is also included in the delivery of our grow boxes.

If you want to know how the grow and exposure works in our growbox, check out here our Bonsanto growing guide .

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Why do you need light for indoor cultivation?

Plants need light for the process of photosynthesis, in which they convert light into energy, which they need for growth. In short, a plant cannot grow and survive without light.

Indoor cultivation light - Indoor lighting

What to consider for indoor cultivation lighting?

It is important that you purchase a grow lamp specifically designed for your indoor grow and not a standard incandescent bulb. There are several things you should look for when buying a grow lamp.

Firstly, you should look at how bright or intense the light of the grow lamp is. If you have a large growing area, you will need more intense light than if you have a small area. The lamp should also be bright enough to provide your plant with sufficient light.

The color temperature of a lamp is also crucial for healthy plant growth. This is measured in the unit Kelvin (K). A high K value stands for bluish light, whereas a low K value denotes reddish light. If you don't have a plant lamp that reproduces the color spectrum from blue to red, you will need to change lamps depending on the growth phase of your plant. This is because plants need bluish light in the initial growth phase and reddish light to bloom in the flowering phase. Therefore, buy a white-hot plant lamp that reproduces the entire color spectrum to avoid annoying lamp changes. Our Bonsanto LED lamps, for example, reproduce the entire color spectrum from blue to red.

You should also look at the effectiveness or quality of a lamp when you are faced with a choice of grow lamps. The quality of an LED lamp can be measured with the PAR value. PAR refers to the photosynthetically active radiation of a lamp. These are the rays that the plant can use for photosynthesis and growth. For this reason, it is advisable to pay attention to the PAR value of a lamp rather than the wattage. Many inexpensive lamps have a high wattage, but a low PAR value. Our Bonsanto lamps, on the other hand, are extremely powerful due to their high PAR value despite a lower wattage. They can also be used in every growth phase of your plant.

What is the indoor cultivation light cycle?

Plants normally grow outdoors and are thus exposed to different sun conditions depending on the season. Therefore, it stands to reason that the seasons must be simulated indoors. Growers talk about different exposure cycles. In the seedling or cutting phase, we recommend an exposure of 24h the first 4-7 days. However, some growers prefer an 18/6 cycle in this phase, which corresponds to an exposure of 18h and a dark phase of 6h. The 18/6 cycle can also be used during the growing phase. To send the plant into flowering, you should reduce the exposure to 12h a day and use a 12/12 cycle.

For more information about the exposure in the Bonsanto grow box, see our growing instructions. If you use one of our grow boxes for your indoor grow, you should primarily follow these instructions.

What grow lamps are there?

If you look into the topic of indoor grow lights, you will see that there are different grow lights with different advantages and disadvantages. In recent years, LED lamps in particular have become increasingly popular. This is because these lamps are energy-saving, efficient, light-intensive and long-lasting. They also give off less heat than other lamps and protect your plant from burns. For this reason, it is also all our lamps and LEDs.

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Indoor Anbau Licht - Grow LED
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If you want to use the light of your lamp efficiently, you can equip your growbox with a Bonsanto reflection foil . The reflective foil provides your plant with more light so that it can grow faster and more efficiently. 

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