Indoor Grow for Beginners

Indoor Grow as a beginner

You want to dive into the world of indoor growing, but you are still a beginner in this field? Don't worry, this blog post will tell you everything you need to know to successfully grow your first plant and get a bountiful harvest.

Our Bonsanto grow boxes are optimal for grow beginners. The boxes are available as a complete set and contain all the necessary components for successful indoor cultivation. They are perfectly matched to ensure the optimal growth of your favorite plant and counteract mistakes during the grow.

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What are the advantages of indoor grow?

Indoor cultivation offers numerous advantages. You have full control over the growing environment, including temperature, humidity and light, which creates optimal growing conditions for your plants and positively affects the quality and quantity of your harvest. In addition, indoor growing allows for independent cultivation and year-round harvests, which is especially beneficial for growers in regions with unfavorable climates. 

A protected space also provides protection from pests and extreme weather conditions, reduces the need for pesticides, and maximizes the use of space through vertical growing systems. Last but not least, indoor growing offers security, privacy and discretion, which can be an advantage in legally restricted areas.

What accessories for a successful grow?

For a successful indoor grow, you need the right equipment. Simplify the whole process and choose one of our practical Bonsanto Growbox Komplettsets . These contain all the important grow components. You can also find other useful grow accessories in our store!

Let's start with the choice of grow box or grow tent. At Bonsanto we offer a variety of sizes to meet the needs of every grower.

Adequate lighting is also essential when growing indoors. LED lights are considered energy-efficient and long-lasting, and we especially recommend novice growers to use them as they emit less heat and protect your plants from burns. Good ventilation is also important to control air circulation, temperature and humidity in the growroom. A fan, an activated carbon filter and an exhaust system ensure that conditions are optimal for your plants. The Bonsanto growboxes and grow tents already include a fan and an activated carbon filter.

As a growing medium you can use soil, coconut fiber, perlite or rockwool. The choice depends on your preferences and your growing plan. Our recommended option for beginners is the Bonsanto Premium Soil, as it is organic and rich in nutrients. Plants need specific nutrients to grow optimally. Fertilizers and nutrient solutions are therefore often necessary. In our range you will find the Bonsanto "Organic Boost" and "Extreme Energy„.

For precise control of growing conditions in the growroom, you may need a thermometer, hygrometer and a pH meter. However, if you choose a Bonsanto grow box, you can completely dispense with meters, as the Bonsanto components are perfectly matched and create an ideal growing environment for your plants.

With the right equipment and our grow know-how, you can successfully start your indoor grow and achieve impressive results.

What seeds are suitable for beginners?

If you are a beginner grower, you should choose a strain that is known for its robustness to growing errors and easy maintenance. It is advisable for beginners to choose strains that are predominantly indica. These flower in a shorter time, have a compact growth habit and still produce impressive results. Beginner-friendly strains include Northern Lights, Critical Mass and Autoflowering Seeds.

Grow seeds for beginners

What are the growth stages of indoor grow?

When growing indoors, your plant will go through different stages of growth. The first phase is germination, where the seeds are placed in a moist medium to get them to germinate. This usually takes a few days to a week. During this time, the seed forms roots and develops seedling leaves.

After germination occurs seedling stage, which lasts about 2-3 weeks. During this phase, the young plant develops its root system and begins to form leaves. This is followed by the vegetative phase, during which the plant prepares for flowering. During this phase, the plant grows rapidly, forms more leaves and strengthens its root system. The plant needs a lot of light (about 18 hours per day) and nutrients to promote growth.

Once the plant has grown sufficiently, it enters the flowering phase. This is usually initiated by a change in the light cycle, where the plant receives 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. During the flowering phase, the plant produces flowers and resin.

After the completion of the flowering phase, the plant is ready for harvesting. This is usually determined by the color of the trichomes and the general structure of the flowers. After harvesting, the flowers must be dried and cured before they can be consumed. It is important to carefully monitor the plant's light, water and nutrient needs during each stage to ensure a successful harvest.

Growth Phases Indoor Grow

How to dry the crop?

After harvesting your cannabis comes the important drying process to preserve the quality of the buds. Hang the buds or the whole plant, depending on your preferences, in a well-ventilated room to dry. You can use the Bonsanto drying case to help the drying process. Make sure there is enough space between the flowers to avoid mold growth. Drying time varies depending on moisture content and usually takes 9 to 14 days. Use the stem bend test to check if the flowers are dry. If the stem bends without breaking, allow the buds to dry a few more days. If the branch breaks, the buds are sufficiently dried. You can also ferment your harvest to further improve flavor and quality. Read our article "Proper fermentation - coffee shop quality" for more information.

How to store the harvest?

Proper storage of your harvest is important to preserve quality and flavor. Use airtight glass containers, such as the Bonsanto Miron violet glass storage container. Store your flowers in a cool, dark place with a humidity of 55-62%. Avoid direct light and strong odors. Storing different varieties separately also prevents aroma loss.

Indoor Grow Crop Drying

Indoor Grow for Beginners - Overview

  • Our Bonsanto grow boxes are perfect for grow beginners.
  • Indoor growing allows for year-round harvests, privacy and a controlled grow environment.
  • As a beginner grower, you should choose a strain that is robust to growing errors and requires easy maintenance.
  • When growing indoors, your plant goes through different growth stages.
  • After harvesting, it is important to dry your buds properly to preserve the quality.
  • Correct storage is also crucial to preserve the quality and aroma of the flowers.

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