Growing hemp - Everything you need to know about growing cannabis

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Hanf anbauen - Cannabisanbauen

Growing hemp is cheaper than buying cannabis in the long run, and it's fun too. 

Wenn du mit einer unserer Growboxen Hanf anbaust, findest du in der our Bonsanto growing guide alles, was du über den Grow in unserer Growbox wissen solltest. Trotzdem kann es für dich interessant sein, mehr über die Hintergründe des Cannabis Anbaus zu erfahren. In diesem Artikel lernst du alles, was du über Hanf und Hanf anbauen wissen solltest.

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Growing hemp - What is hemp anyway?

Hemp, cannabis or in Latin "Cannabis sativa L." is a dicotyledonous plant and is one of the oldest useful plants. Nowadays, monoecious cannabis plants are sold that have both male and female flowers. However, cannabis was originally a dioecious plant, as there were both male and female plants, with the male plants pollinating the female plants.

Hanf anbauen - Alles über Cannabis anbauen

What is the legal situation in Germany?

The cultivation of cannabis was prohibited in Germany from 1982 to 1996 due to its reputation for intoxicating effects. The cultivation of commercial hemp has been legal since 1996, but is subject to strict conditions. Hemp may only be cultivated by agricultural enterprises defined as such under the law "on an old-age pension scheme for farmers". Commercial hemp may be cultivated if the THC content of the plant is less than 0.2 percent.

What is THC?

THC stands for the psychoactive ingredient tetrahydrocannabinol and is one of 114 cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. THC is responsible for the intoxicating effect of hemp. It is extracted from the female, unpollinated cannabis plants. Consumption of THC can affect memory, cravings, concentration, and sensory perception.

Hanf anbauen - THC

What kinds of hemp are there?

Cannabis growers distinguish between four different cannabis strains. These include the varieties Sativa, Ruderalis, Indica and Hybrid. The distinguishing characteristics of the cannabis varieties are growth, smell and effect. Sativa plants have spreading plants and are known for their high growth and high yielding harvest. They have a stimulating and motivating effect and increase appetite. Ruderalis, on the other hand, are much smaller and tend to grow in colder regions. They have a low THC content. Since they automatically switch to the flowering phase, they are often crossed with other cannabis varieties. Indica cannabis plants are smaller than sativa plants and are characterized by bushy growth. This cannabis strain makes you stoned, tired, increases appetite and is pain relieving. Hybrid varieties are created by crossing the other three cannabis plants and usually combine the positive qualities of the different varieties.

How to determine the sex of a cannabis plant?

When growing cannabis, it is important for growers to know the sex of the cannabis plant. Male and female plants should not be planted together. If a male cannabis plant pollinates the female cannabis plant, harvesting is no longer possible. Just before the cannabis plant starts to flower, you can determine its gender by looking at the branches. Male cannabis plants are characterized by round pollen sacs, whereas female plants have small calyxes with tiny hairs.

Where can you grow hemp?

Cannabis can be grown outdoors, in a greenhouse or indoors. When growing cannabis outdoors, you as a grower usually save costs, because the plant is supplied with rain and sun. Also, there is more space outside than in an apartment, so you can grow your cannabis plants more generously. If you want to grow hemp indoors, you have the advantage that you can grow all year round, regardless of the weather and season. You also have more control over the growth and health of your cannabis plant. Because of these advantages, many growers prefer indoor cultivation. One tool for indoor growing is a grow box or grow tent. In our Bonsanto store you will find a selection of grow boxes and grow tents.

Grow hemp - What environmental conditions are important?

Light exposure

When growing cannabis, it is important that your cannabis plant is provided with at least 12 hours of light per day. Indoors, you can easily set the exposure time with a timer, which you can find in our Bonsanto Shop. Outdoor you need to grow in summer to ensure 12 hours of light per day.

Air supply

Als zweites solltest du beim Hanf anbauen darauf achten, dass deine Cannabispflanze mit zirkulierender und frischer Luft versorgt wird. Dies vermindert die Gefahr von Schädlingsbefall und die Entstehung von Schimmel. Baust du deine Pflanze Indoor an, brauchst du daher einen Activated carbon filter and an Fan. Diese sind im Lieferumfang unserer Mini Growboxen M, L und XL enthalten, sodass du dir diese nicht separat zulegen musst.

Grow soil

Egal, ob du Indoor oder Outdoor Cannabis anbaust, du solltest Grow-Erde kaufen, die speziell für Hanf anbauen hergestellt wurde. Herkömmliche Erde enthält oft Schädlinge und ist nährstoffarm. Außerdem solltest du organische Erde für Hanf anbauen nutzen, wenn du beabsichtigst deine Ernte später zu rauchen. Die Premium-Erde von Bonsanto ist ideal für den Anbau deiner Hanfpflanze, da sie vorgedüngt ist und Perlit und Kompost enthält.

Water supply

Like any other plant, hemp plants need water to grow. Water transports important nutrients and promotes plant growth. If you grow your cannabis plant outdoors, you probably won't need to water it, as it will be supplied with water by rain. Indoors, you will need to water your plant regularly and pay attention to a few things. You can learn more about this in our blog post "Watering Plants". If you're growing in one of our Bonsanto Mini Growboxes, you're in luck! Many of the points that other growers have to pay attention to are not important for you, because the grow box as well as the Bonsanto Premium soil are self-regulating. Just follow our growing instructions on our website!

Hanf anbauen - Alles über den Cannabis-Anbau

What are the growing stages of cannabis?

When growing hemp, you can basically distinguish between three different phases. These phases can be divided into germination, growth and flowering.

The first phase of germination of cannabis seeds can be done in three different ways. You can choose between the kitchen paper method, the water glass method and the grow medium method. If you want to learn more about germinating hemp seeds and are interested in the different methods, check out our blog article "How to germinate seeds".

When growing cannabis, the growth phase follows. This phase starts as soon as the first leaves of your cannabis plant have grown. Now your cannabis plant starts to grow. How long your plant is growing depends on the cannabis strain you have chosen. Basically, it is said that the growth phase lasts about 4-8 weeks. If you use a Bonsanto Mini Growbox to grow hemp, you will learn what you should pay attention to in the growth phase of your plant in our Bonsanto growing instructions.

Die Blütephase schließt an die Wachstumsphase an. Vor der Blüte solltest du, wie bereits in einem vorherigen Abschnitt erwähnt, das Geschlecht deiner Pflanze bestimmen, um männliche Pflanzen auszusortieren. Indoor musst du die Blütephase deiner Pflanze anhand der Veränderung der Belichtungszeit einleiten. Die 18 Stunden Licht am Tag reduzierst du daher auf 12 Stunden. Wenn du Hanf in unserer Growbox anbaust, lese die our Bonsanto growing guide durch für zusätzliche Informationen.

Cannabispflanze in der Wohnung

When is the harvest when growing hemp?

When you can stop growing cannabis and when your cannabis plant is ready to be harvested depends, of course, primarily on the cannabis strain and the environmental conditions of the grow. Your cannabis plant is ready for harvest when the trichomes of the cannabis plant turn the color of amber and the THC smell of your plant becomes stronger. Other signs that you are ready to harvest are when the leaves fall off and the resin production decreases.

Nach dem Hanf anbauen und der Ernte solltest du die Blüten idealerweise trocknen und gegebenenfalls fermentieren. Wenn du dich für das Fermentieren von Cannabis interessiert, findest du dazu einen informativen Blogbeitrag on our website.

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