Indoor vs. outdoor grow of your favorite plant

Indoor vs. outdoor grow

Most growers prefer indoor growing due to high quality. But maybe you have a large balcony or garden and are wondering which growing method is right for you? Therefore, in this article we present you the advantages and disadvantages of each method, according to the motto indoor vs. outdoor grow. This way you can decide where you prefer to grow your plants.

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Indoor Growing

Vorteile des Indoor Grows?

Many growers choose to grow indoors because it has many advantages. The biggest advantage is that with indoor grow you can create a controlled growing environment. Indoors you can precisely control the temperature, humidity, ventilation and lighting. This way you are able to create the perfect environment for your plant to grow healthy. Especially if you live in colder regions like Germany, you are not dependent on external conditions like soil, climate and weather. This means that you can grow almost any type of plant indoors and do not have to pay attention to the environmental conditions of your region. Unlike outdoor grows, indoor grows are not dependent on the seasons and can be grown all year round.

Even though cannabis legalization is currently being discussed in many countries, including Germany, discretion is important to many growers. When you grow within your own four walls, you have the advantage that your plant is usually protected from the eyes of others and your neighbors don't notice anything about your cultivation.

Indoors, your favorite plants are also protected from pests and the elements. Weather conditions such as rain, heat and snow that can harm your plant do not exist indoors. Also, the risk of pest infestation is lower indoors, so your plant can grow healthy.

Another advantage of growing indoors that comes up in the indoor vs. outdoor grow comparison is a high-yielding harvest. Since you can influence the environment of your plant indoors, you ensure healthy plant growth and can expect a better and higher quality harvest.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Grow

Herausforderungen des Indoor Grow?

Even though indoor grow has many benefits and is very popular with most growers, there are still a few challenges you will face when growing in your own home. 

To control the growing environment, you need the necessary equipment. Equipment such as fans, charcoal filters and grow lights are necessary for indoor growing. This purchase is of course associated with costs. There are also costs associated with operating the equipment, so in addition to the initial cost of your grow equipment, you can also expect increased energy costs.

Another challenge lies in the space limitations of indoor growing. If you want to grow in your own walls, you probably don't have an infinite amount of space. That means you need to grow your plant in a small space and make the most of it.

When growing indoors, it is also important to neutralize the smell of your favorite plant. If you grow in a plant pot in your home, this can be difficult. However, a grow box in combination with an activated carbon filter and a ventilation system can minimize the smell of your plant.

Indoor Grow Advantages

Bonsanto Grow Boxes Indoor

If you want to grow indoors, there are several ways to do it. You can choose to grow in your own home or on your windowsill. We, like most grow experts, would advise you to grow in a grow box, as this is the fastest and best way to control the grow environment and avoid many of the challenges mentioned above.

In our Bonsanto store you will find a selection of indoor grow boxes. If you prefer an inconspicuous design, which can be easily integrated into your living space and which you can move flexibly, our mini grow boxes are the right choice for you! You can find them in three different sizes and are available as a complete set, so you get the most important grow components already included. In addition, you can equip the Bonsanto growboxes with a Reflective foil , so that your plant is supplied with sufficient light and the plant growth is optimized. 
If you have a little more space in your home and want to grow more plants at once, our grow tents are a good option for you. These are robust and also available as complete sets.

Outdoor Growing

Vorteile des Outdoor Grows?

When comparing indoor vs. outdoor grow, the latter also has some advantages.

For one thing, the cost of outdoor growing is usually lower than indoor growing because you don't need a lot of equipment. Rainwater and sun are free, so you have low initial costs and virtually no energy costs.

On the other hand, plants outdoor have more space. Thus, they usually grow larger, which brings a bountiful harvest. Since the roots also have more space and can spread, your plant is able to form a strong plant stem. The soil outdoors is natural and contains some nutrients that are important for your plant, so you can usually do without additional fertilizer.

Growers who prefer outdoor growing often speak of a better smoking experience and aromatic taste of the buds from the plants grown outside. This can be attributed to the natural growing environment.

Outdoor Grow Advantages

Herausforderungen des Outdoor Grow?

When you grow outdoors, your plant is exposed to weather conditions and temperatures beyond your control. These can be detrimental to the growth of your plant.

Diseases and pest infestations are also challenges you will face as an outdoor grower. The risk of pest infestation is higher outdoors, so you should check your plant regularly for signs of such infestation. Diseases caused by fungi or bacteria also develop more easily outdoors than indoors. Therefore, you should also ensure good ventilation and a suitable distance between your favorite plants outdoors.

Outdoor Grow Herausforderungen & Vorteile

Bonsanto Outdoor Growboxes

If you want to grow outdoors on your balcony but want to protect your plants from the neighbors' view, take a look at our Bonsanto Outdoor Growboxes. The Bonsanto Outdoor Grow box is specially designed for outdoor growing and is made of a blurred glass, so your plant is not visible from the outside. The box also has the advantage of being UV and frost resistant, which is why you can protect your plant from some weather conditions despite growing outdoors. To prevent odors and ensure good ventilation, the grow box comes with a fan and an activated carbon filter. You can also use the Bonsanto Mini Growbox XS for your outdoor grow if you need less growing space.

Can you grow outdoor with the Bonsanto case?

If you have a Bonsanto grow box and would like to grow outdoors, this is also possible. Use autoflowering seeds for outdoor growing in the case and run the lights in the grow box 24 hours a day. If you keep the case closed, the permanent lighting will develop enough heat so that your plant can grow healthy outdoors even in winter. 

Indoor vs. outdoor grow: which is better?

Both indoor and outdoor grows have advantages and disadvantages. Of course, which grow location is best for you depends primarily on your individual needs, circumstances, and preferences. No matter which growing location you choose, you will be able to achieve a successful grow in both.

As you've already seen, indoor growing comes with some challenges. For many of them, however, there are simple solutions. It's true that you will certainly have to expect higher costs for indoor growing, but you can keep the operating costs low by using an LED grow lamp instead of normal lighting, for example. There are also timers that you can use to set ventilation, lighting and watering times so that they are only switched on at the necessary times. If you face the problem of space limitation, we recommend you to use, for example, the ScrOG method. In this way, you can achieve a good harvest despite a small space and not have to make a loss due to a small cultivation area. In addition, most activated carbon filters and ventilation systems are so good that they completely neutralize the smell of cannabis, so no odors from the grow box get outside into your home. If you are looking for a good activated carbon filter, check out our activated carbon filter Silent or Activated carbon filter Max .

Whether indoor or outdoor, we would generally recommend using an indoor or outdoor grow box as you can avoid many of the challenges that come with indoor or outdoor growing.

Overview Indoor vs. Outdoor Grow

  • Indoor and outdoor grow have both advantages and disadvantages
  • There are challenges at both grow locations
  • The indoor grow provides good quality; the outdoor grow is cheaper
  • Outdoor plants grow in a natural grow environment and get bigger
  • Indoor plants can be grown around the year and the risk of disease is minimized
  • Which grow location is best depends on your preferences
  • We advise indoor and outdoor the use of a grow box

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