Hemp growth phase

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Hemp growth phase

Each cannabis plant goes through different stages of growth, which bring their own peculiarities. These phases include the germination and seedling phase, the vegetative growth phase and the flowering phase. What are the specifics, you will learn here in our blog post. We will focus on the vegetative growth phase of hemp and explain to you which conditions you should pay attention to when growing indoors in this growth phase in order to achieve a high-yield harvest.

If you are growing in the Bonsanto Mini Growbox, first and foremost orient yourself to our growing guide. There you will learn how to grow successfully in the Bonsanto Growbox.

Table of contents

Germination and seedling phase

The period in which your cannabis seeds develop into young plants is called the germination phase. To increase the germination rate, you can moisten the seeds before planting them. How to germinate your seeds successfully, you will learn in our blog post "Instructions seeds germinate"

In the germination phase, the hemp seeds absorb water, causing a sprout to break through the seed coat, grow upwards and become visible on the surface of the soil. The first cotyledons may also form during the germination phase. The germination phase is followed by the seedling phase and is characterized by the further development of your cannabis plant. The stem, roots and leaves of your plant grow and the process of photosynthesis begins.

Hemp growth phase germination and seedling phase

The Vegetative Hemp Growth Phase

The vegetative cannabis growth phase is one of the most important phases in the life cycle of your plant and yet is underestimated by some growers. In this phase, your plant grows rapidly in both height and width and the stems, branches and leaves develop. The vegetative phase ends outdoors when summer gives way to fall. Indoors, you must simulate this transition yourself by shortening the exposure time from 18 to 12 hours a day. 

Importance of hemp growth phase

Vegetative growth marks an important phase in the life cycle of your cannabis plant. In this phase, your plant develops its full potential and prepares for the subsequent flowering period and harvest. If your plant grows healthy and builds a strong plant structure, this is an important foundation for flower development. A strong growth phase leads to increased flower production and ultimately a high quality harvest.

The vegetative growth phase is also when your plant's roots develop. Healthy and well-anchored roots ensure that your plant is optimally supplied with nutrients. Cannabis plants also use this phase to store energy and nutrients that they will need during flowering.

Proper care and providing the right environmental conditions can improve plant growth and reduce the risk of stress and disease.

Conditions for a successful growth phase

For successful vegetative growth of hemp, there are certain conditions that should be met, because when the plant grows, the need for light, water and nutrients also becomes higher. By considering the conditions for successful vegetative hemp growth, you can create optimal conditions to get healthy and strong hemp plants.


Hemp plants require a sufficient amount of bright light for their growth. In the vegetative phase, they usually prefer a lighting period of 18 to 24 hours per day. Most growers opt for a cycle consisting of 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness. The dark phase is used by your plant for cellular respiration, while during the light period it performs photosynthesis. Cannabis also requires a bluish light spectrum during the growing phase. To avoid annoying lamp changes in the different cannabis growth phases, it makes sense to buy a plant lamp that reproduces the entire color spectrum and can thus be used in each phase.

There are different light sources such as fluorescent lights, LED lights or sodium lights that are suitable for indoor cannabis lighting. We recommend using an LED plant light as it emits less heat and thus protects your plant from burns and is generally more energy efficient, longer lasting and cost effective.

You can set the light cycle with the help of a Timer . This way you save time and effort!

Temperature & Ventilation

Hemp grows best at a temperature between 20 and 28 degrees Celsius during the daytime. Therefore, make sure that the grow environment of your plant has this temperature. If you grow in a Bonsanto grow box, you have the advantage that you can do without a thermometer, because all Bonsanto Grow components are matched to each other so that they provide the optimal environment for your cannabis plant.

Also ensure good ventilation to prevent mold growth. For this purpose, you should get a Fan and an Activated carbon filter for indoor growing.

Irrigation & Nutrients

Proper watering is also essential. You should water your cannabis plants regularly, but not excessively, to avoid waterlogging. A well-drained soil and sufficient drainage are important. But you should also avoid underwatering, as your plant needs the water to grow. As a rule of thumb you can remember that you should always water your plant when about 1 cm of the top layer of soil is dry.

A suitable supply of nutrients with a balanced fertilizer that meets the needs of the plants during vegetative growth is also crucial. Especially potassium and nitrogen are substances that your plant needs in the vegetative phase. For fertilizing you can use for example the „Organic Boost“ from Bonsanto. We recommend to use it about 2 weeks after germination and stop when your plant is approaching flowering.

Hemp growth phase

Overview hemp growth phase

Create optimal conditions for healthy plant growth

Use an 18/6 exposure cycle

Use an LED lamp that reproduces the entire color spectrum

Ensure good ventilation to prevent mold growth

The temperature in the grow box should be between 20 and 28 degrees Celsius

Fertilize your cannabis plant as needed

Water your plant regularly and ensure good drainage

Finish the growth phase by shortening the exposure time to 12 hours a day

Cannabis growth phase light
Hemp growth phase irrigation

Grow techniques

In the cannabis growing phase, many growers resort to certain grow techniques to specifically increase yield and harvest. It is important not to apply the grow techniques during the flowering or germination phase, as this can lead to increased stress for the plants. The flowering phase focuses on inflorescence development, while the germination phase is the starting point of plant life, where plants are just beginning to grow. It is therefore advisable to limit these techniques to the vegetative growth phase for best results and to optimize the growth of your cannabis plant.

When topping, you remove the top of the plant in the growing phase so that the plant becomes bushier and grows in width instead of height. If you want to focus the growth of your plant on the upper part, you can remove the lower leaves. This technique is called lollipopping. If you are interested in these pruning methods, you can check out our blog on Hemp prune .

SCROG (Screen of Green) is also a cultivation technique used during the vegetative growth phase of cannabis. You place a net or grid over the cannabis plants to control the side shoots and distribute the growth evenly. The branches are passed through the grid and fixed there to create a horizontal plane. This allows for better light output and encourages the development of many evenly spaced buds, which can lead to a higher harvest.

Flowering phase

At the end of the life cycle, your plant enters the flowering phase. The duration of flowering can vary depending on the cannabis variety and environmental conditions. During this phase, your cannabis forms inflorescences that mature during the flowering period. The trichomes on the flowers develop and change color. At the end of the flowering period, your plant is finally ready for harvest! How you can recognize the right harvest time, you will learn in our blog post "Harvest Hemp".

Cannabis flowering phase

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