Germinate hemp seeds instruction

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One of the most important first steps of a successful grow and a bountiful harvest is the germination of cannabis seeds. In this Germinate hemp seeds instruction, we explain everything you need to know about growing cannabis.

If you want to know how to grow the germinated seeds in one of our grow boxes, read the growing instructions on our website.

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What does germinate hemp seeds?

Before we go to the Germinate hemp seeds instruction you should understand what exactly germination means. During germination, the seed develops into a white shoot that breaks through the seed wall. The cannabis seed contains important nutrients for the cannabis plant as well as its genetic material.

Which hemp seeds are best for germination?

Whether your purchased seeds are of good or bad quality, you can only tell in the vegetative growth phase and the flowering phase. This is quite late and often leads to disappointment when growing. However, you can check your cannabis seeds for their color before germination. The darker the color of the seeds, the higher the chances of successful germination.

Germinate hemp seeds instruction

When to germinate hemp seeds?

If you want to germinate your cannabis seeds outdoors, you must do this in the spring. If you want to grow indoors, for example in the Bonsanto Mini Grow Box, you can germinate your cannabis seeds regardless of the season.

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How long is the germination period?

The germination time of your cannabis seeds can vary depending on the chosen germination method and germination field. On average, the germination time is considered to be between 12 and 36 hours. When your cannabis seeds can be planted in the grow medium ultimately depends on the length of the white roots of your seeds. At a length of 2 to 5 mm, the seeds should be planted.

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What are important factors for hemp seeds germination?

To avoid mistakes when germinating hemp seeds, it is important to pay attention to the factors of temperature, humidity and light. In the following part of our cannabis seed germination guide you will learn more about the necessary germination environment. 

Temperature factor:

For hemp seed germination, the temperature should be between 21 and 25 degrees Celsius. If the temperature is in the above range, germination can be initiated. Generally, the higher the temperature, the faster the seeds germinate. However, if the temperature is more than 26 degrees Celsius, the cannabis seeds will not germinate at all.

Humidity factor:

Furthermore, if you want your cannabis seeds to germinate, it is important that the humidity of the germination environment is between 70% and 90% and that the soil is not wet, but moist. Make sure that the soil is moist at all times. On the other hand, if the soil is too wet, this can cause the seeds to rot, as the cannabis seeds cannot absorb enough oxygen in wet soil. A spray can filled with water is best for moistening the soil.

Light factor:

In the germination phase, darkness is best for your cannabis seeds. After planting the cannabis seeds in the grow medium, proper lighting is important. As a light source, we recommend an LED lamp, such as the LED Full Spectrum lamp from Bonsanto, as young plants are not yet able to process high-intensity light.

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Hemp seeds germination instructions - 3 methods:

In the following cannabis seed germination guide we will explain you different ways how to germinate your cannabis seeds. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your preference and the age and variety of your seeds, you can choose one of the following three options.

Method 1 - germination in kitchen paper

The kitchen paper method is a simple and popular way to germinate hemp seeds. Here you germinate your hemp seeds with the help of a moistened kitchen paper. Alternatively, you can use cotton pads instead of paper towels. The advantage of this method is that damaged seeds can be quickly identified and disposed of.

Moisten the kitchen roll with water and place it on a plate. Then, using a spoon or tweezers, place your seeds on the moistened kitchen roll. Make sure that the seeds are a few centimeters apart so that they don't get in each other's way as they take root. Then, cover the seeds with a second dampened paper towel. In general, make sure that there are no dry as well as too wet spots on the paper towel. Both can hinder the germination of hemp seeds. Next, cover everything with a tray so that the hemp seeds can germinate in darkness and humidity. From time to time you can check if the paper towels are still moist enough, if not they should be moistened again.

After about 1 to 4 days, white shoots should be visible on your cannabis seeds. Now you can plant the seeds with tweezers into the soil or into another grow medium.

Method 2 - Germination in water glass

This method is simple and therefore very popular among beginners growers. However, it is the least effective compared to the other two methods. However, it is especially suitable for old hemp seeds, because they need a lot of moisture.

With this fast germination method, you throw the hemp seeds into a glass of cold water for about 24 hours. Cold water is especially important here because it is richer in oxygen, which supports the germination process of the seeds. Normally, the seeds begin to germinate after 24 hours. When the white roots are about 2 to 5 mm long, you can plant them in your preferred grow medium. As with the kitchen paper method, be careful not to touch the cannabis seeds with your fingers. Instead, use tweezers or a spoon when you want to put the seeds in or take them out of the jar.

Method 3 - Germination in grow medium

The third and gentlest way to germinate your cannabis seeds is to place the seeds directly into the grow medium. This way, you don't have to move the seeds around when they are at a delicate stage like you do with the water glass and kitchen paper methods.

If your grow medium is soil, create a hole 5 mm to 1 centimeter deep. Put the seeds in this hole and cover it with loose soil. Then you should moisten the soil. If you want to increase the humidity in the pot so that your hemp seeds germinate faster, you can stretch a plastic sheet with small holes over the pot. After about 5 to 10 days you should be able to see the shoots of the seeds on the surface of the soil. Then it is important to start with the right lighting.

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Welche Fehler beim Hanfsamen Keimen vermeiden?

There are some mistakes that are often made and should be avoided at all costs when germinating hemp seeds.

As mentioned in the previous section, it is important not to touch the seeds with your fingers, preferring instead to use a spoon or tweezers. In general, it is important to give the seeds rest and to touch and move them back and forth as little as possible.

Avoid impatience! While the average germination time is only 12 to 36 hours, some cannabis seeds can take a good 2 to 3 weeks before the white root forms on the seeds or the shoot appears on the surface. Avoid the mistake of digging up the plants and practice patience instead.

Last but not least, avoid overwatering the soil.

If you follow our cannabis seed germination instructions, nothing will stand in the way of germination! In our growing instructions you will find more information about growing the germinated seeds in the Bonsanto Growbox.

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