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Dry hemp

You have successfully grown and harvested your plant? Then you should dry your hemp now. Many growers underestimate the importance of the drying process and then wonder why smoking it makes their throat scratchy and it doesn't taste as expected. Therefore, if you want to get the best smoking experience possible, there is no way around drying hemp!

In this blog post, we'll explain why you should dry your cannabis, what you need to dry it, and how and where cannabis should be dried.

For the drying process we recommend our Bonsanto drying case!

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Why dry hemp?

Once you have harvested your plant, you should dry your hemp to reduce the moisture content in the hemp. This way you can extend the shelf life of your crop and reduce the risk of mold. In addition, you can process and crush dried hemp more easily. Drying hemp is also useful for storing hemp, as it can be stored more efficiently and safely, as the lower moisture content reduces the risk of mold.

The drying process is also important to preserve the active ingredient in cannabis. Certain substances in hemp, such as cannabinoids, are degraded when the humidity is too high, which reduces the potency. Drying hemp also makes a big difference in taste, because if you smoked it immediately after harvest, it would be rather unpalatable and scratchy in the throat.

Why dry hemp?

What do you need for drying?

For drying, you will first need a string or a drying net, because hemp is usually hung up for drying. Since proper ventilation is important in the drying process, you should also get a Fan . If you have grown your cannabis in a grow box, you usually already own a fan. You can also use a thermometer and a hygrometer to control the temperature and humidity in your drying room. The drying process of hemp can take some time, so bring time and patience for the drying process!

Accessories hemp drying

Where to dry cannabis?

You should dry your harvest in a cool place. Maybe you have a chamber or a small room at home that you can turn into a drying room. The room should be well ventilated so that the humidity does not get too high. It is also important to darken the room, because light will break down the active ingredients of your cannabis, which is something to avoid. We advise you to dry your cannabis in a rather smaller room, because the smaller the room is, the easier it is to control temperature and humidity.

Of course, you can also convert one of your cabinets into a drying room. You can also use your growbox or grow tent, which you have used for your grow, to dry your harvest, such as the Bonsanto growboxes. If you want to be more efficient and already grow your next plants while drying your harvest, we recommend you to get a Bonsanto drying case. In this case you can dry your crop successfully. It comes with a grid that you need to dry your buds and an activated carbon filter that neutralizes odors and controls humidity inside the case.

How long to dry hemp?

The duration of the drying process of hemp can vary depending on the specific conditions, the amount of hemp to be dried and the desired amount of moisture. However, as a rule, the drying process takes about 9 to 14 days. If you use our Bonsanto drying case for drying, we recommend a slow drying of up to 3 weeks.

There are various factors that can influence the drying time. On the one hand, a high temperature in the drying room can lead to faster drying (which means a loss of aroma and active ingredients), on the other hand, high humidity can drag out the drying process. Also, some cannabis strains take longer to dry than others. It is important to be patient and check the cannabis thoroughly to make sure it is fully dried before you process or store it.

How to dry hemp?

Depending on your preference, you can hang your harvested buds or the whole hemp plant to dry in a well-ventilated and dry room. Hang the hemp branches upside down on a string or net. The flowers should be spaced far enough apart to prevent mold from forming. Turn the branches occasionally to ensure even drying.

To minimize the odors that arise during drying, you should use an activated carbon filter. Also, make sure that the drying temperature is around 20-25 degrees Celsius to preserve the quality of your harvest.

It is important to monitor your hemp carefully to ensure even drying and to avoid mold growth. Once your hemp is dry, you can either smoke it directly or ferment it and process it further.

Drying hemp hanging

When is hemp properly dried?

First, you should know that cannabis dries on the outside, so it can appear drier on the outside than it actually is on the inside.

To determine if the buds are properly dried, you can bend the stem. If it breaks, this is a sign of dry buds. If the stem does not break, you should let your buds dry for a few more days. The hemp buds should feel dry, but also not too brittle and moist. If you gently squeeze properly dried buds, they will give slightly and then return to their original shape.

Properly dried hemp also has a pleasant smell and taste. If the hemp smells musty or moldy, it is probably not yet sufficiently dried and could be infested with mold.

Also consider your individual preferences when drying. Some growers prefer a slightly wetter hemp for certain applications, while others prefer a very dry consistency. Therefore, drying always depends on your own preferences.

Can you dry cannabis outdoors?

We would advise against drying your cannabis outdoors. This is because the sun's rays will reduce the THC content in your crop, and it is difficult to create the dry and cool environment needed for drying cannabis outdoors.

Cannabis drying outdoor

Drying hemp - overview

  • Dry your hemp to make it last longer, preserve the quality and improve the taste
  • Dry it in a dark and cool place
  • For an efficient drying process we recommend our Bonsanto drying case
  • The drying time is usually 9-14 days, but can be influenced by various factors
  • Hang your hemp branches upside down on a string or net
  • To prevent odors you can use the Bonsanto activated carbon filter Max
  • If the branch of your plant can be broken, your hemp is sufficiently dried

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