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Indoor Grow Box:

    • with high power "Full Spectrum" LED light (35/50/70 Watt)
    • incl. activated charcoal filter odourless cultivation (clean air is blown out of the top of the tent)
    • significantly quieter operation than conventional grow tents (-70% db due to quiet MAX activated carbon filter)
    • Secret Jardin® brand tent (no cheap toxic materials used).
    • Space for max. 4 plants (depending on pot size)
    • optionally also available with SANlight
    • Including detailed instructions "How to grow correctly". - Step by Step 

Another all-round solution for indoor growing!

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For those who like tents: Our Bonsanto growbox tent complete set with dimensions 60x60x160cm for the perfect and all-round carefree start into indoor growing!

The basis for our GrowBox complete set tent is a tent provided by the Belgian brand manufacturer Secret Jardin® called Hydro Shoot 60. It offers a volume of 60x60x160cm.  The assembly of the tent is very simple and fast. One does not need any tool.

Accessories Grow Tent

The complete set also includes the Bonsanto® LED Full Spectrum lamps with SAMSUNG LED chips and the SANlight Full Spectrum lamp with 50 watts. Additionally, the SANlight lamp comes with a dimming function, allowing you to adjust the light intensity in 20% increments from 20 to 100%. This provides a flexible adaptation to the specific growth stage of the plant and allows for additional energy savings. The Full Spectrum LED light is the ideal solution for a high-yield cultivation at home. Thanks to its comprehensive light spectrum, it can be used for any plant and every growth phase. Not only are they highly energy-efficient due to their maximal efficiency, compared to conventional lighting of around 350W (e.g., sodium vapor lamps), but they consume only a fraction of the power. With 18h of light per day, the electricity costs amount to around 11€/month, depending on the respective electricity tariff.

As described, with our LED Full Spectrum LED's you do not need to change lamps between growth and flowering phase. This is often the case with conventional grow systems. You can use our LED plant lamps for

  • Germination phase
  • Seedlings
  • Growth phase
  • Flowering phase

use without any problems. This saves time and money!

The reflective inner coating (Mylar 70D) of the tent further ensures that the light reaches even shady places of your plant. In addition, the tent is lightproof.

Also included in the scope of delivery is our specially developed, compact filter system: In contrast to other, bulky filter systems, our filter system can be installed internally and ensures absolutely odorless cultivation of your favorite plant with its activated carbon filter. And that almost entirely without noise pollution: So the tent can also be set up, for example, in the closet in your bedroom.

Is the activated carbon filter strong enough to prevent odours? 

We use a MAX activated carbon filter in the tent. The performance of these activated carbon filters would also be sufficient for a 80x80x200cm!!! Growbox tent sufficient. Therefore, you are already a little "overpowered" with the Max activated carbon filters from Bonsanto. Nevertheless, the MAX activated carbon filter is 70% quieter than conventional tube filters, which are offered for grow tents.

Scope of delivery:

  • Indoor Grow Box: Secret Jardin® Hydro Shoot 60
  • LED light - "Full Spectrum" plant light (35/50/70 Watt) incl. power supply and cable
  • 2x activated carbon filter (MAX)
  • 2x additional fan (Pro) for circulating air
  • 4x bucket and 4x saucer
  • Height-adjustable cord with two snap hooks
  • Including instructions "How to grow properly?"
Vergleich Aktivkohlefilter Bonsanto

Vergleich Aktivkohlefilter Bonsanto

How can you measure the effectiveness "quality" of an LED lamp?

The quality of an LED lamp can be measured with the PAR value. Light consists of photons, whereby these photons can oscillate in different wavelengths. The wavelengths that provide for photosynthesis (plant growth) are called PAR (photosynthetically active radiation). The PAR value thus describes the flux of photosynthetic photons and is measured in μmol. The higher the PAR value - the better the quality / efficiency of the lamp, or the greater the yield of your plant. Bonsanto® LED lamps have a high PAR value, so that the yield of your plants is maximized.

Technical data:

Dimensions tent 60x60x160cm - 0.36m_ floor space
LED Lamps 35 / 50 / 70 Watt incl. power supply and cable
Volume 565 liters
Tent frame material steel pipes Ø16mm - plastic plug angle
Material walls Screen M210D
Filter system 2x Bonsanto® – Aktivkohlefiltration (MAX)
Circulating air 2x 5V USB-Fan PRO
Bucket volume approx. 3.2l (4x)
Additional information

50 watt SANligth® LED (growth / flowering phase suitable), 2x 50 watt SANligth® LED (growth / flowering phase suitable), 70 watt Bonsanto® LED lamp (growth / flowering phase suitable), 2x 70 watt Bonsanto® LED (growth / flowering phase suitable), 35 watt Bonsanto® LED lamp (growth / flowering phase suitable)

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  1. Erik J.

    Erik J.

    Hab das Zelt easy peasy aufgebaut, ohne den ganzen Werkzeug-Kram. Wenn ihr Bock auf Indoor-Growing habt, geht das Teil klar!

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  2. GrowerJonathan


    The growbox tent is good and all, really. But when I had a question, somehow nobody was there. Faster customer service would be great.

    (0) (0)

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  3. Kiki T.

    Bin zufrieden

    Kiki T.

    Habe die 35 Watt Lampe im Zelt und muss sagen das ich bis jetzt zufrieden bin!

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  4. Andrewww

    I am impressed


    The MAX activated carbon filter is a real hit. It’s so small and effective that I really didn’t think it would be. My bedroom smells nothing like a plant. Top!

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  5. xxHendryxx


    I have the grow tent for a short time and so far I am satisfied. The activated carbon filter works well, the tent is as promised relatively quiet and there is enough space for 4 plants. I also found the instructions useful. Has helped me a lot for the first steps of my grow. Since I have not had the tent long, I give 4 stars. I must of course still wait and see how my harvest turns out…Am curious!

    (0) (0)

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