Get the ultimate M+L case bundle, our special offer for a unique growing experience! With this system you can achieve record yields in the shortest time possible, in an absolutely compact and silent system. Check out the key benefits of this bundle:

  • A complete set that includes LED plant light (50W SANlight® + 35W Bonsanto® LED), 2x activated carbon filters, internal fans, plant pots and the M and L case.
  • With this set you can get a higher yield than with the XL case by overlapping the growing and flowering phases (see picture).
  • Use the M case for the growing phase, the L case for the growth and flowering phase and again the M case for the drying phase.
  • Look forward to regular harvests every 6 weeks (up to 45 G !!).
  • The PREMIUM LED plant light has a high PAR value.
  • No need to change the lamp. The lamps are perfect for growing, growth and flowering phases.
  • Use it inconspicuously in the closet - it is 100% quieter than a conventional grow tent.
  • Both the M case Grow Box and L case Grow Box are equipped with non-toxic and flame-resistant materials.

The Bonsanto® Grow Boxes set new standards in the grow industry. They are quiet, compact and allow you to get the maximum yield in the smallest space. Despite their compact size, they allow you to easily grow plants up to 1.8m tall using tie-downs or SCROG grids (see growing instructions). You can simply skip the 5-6 week growing phase and go straight into the flowering phase of your plant. Bonsanto Grow Boxes use only premium LED plant lamps that mimic 100% of sunlight. This makes the lamps suitable for all phases - from cultivation to growth to flowering. The annoying and expensive change of lamps is therefore completely eliminated.


Where do you best place the Bonsanto Grow Box case?

A big (small) advantage of the Bonsanto Indoor Grow Box case is its flexibility: you can easily put it in your closet. Equipped with CO2 bags, the plant gets everything it needs to live. In comparison, tents are often huge and waste valuable space in your home. Even more onerous is the constant noise generated by conventional, large activated carbon filter systems (usually tube fans). This constant noise can be a huge hassle for you in the long run. By positioning the cases in a cabinet and combining them with the patented Bonsanto® Silent activated carbon filters, your cultivation with these systems will be absolutely silent.

Why is the Bonsanto Grow Case ideal for beginners?

We have worked for more than two years to develop a concept that makes growing possible for everyone. Current grow systems are quite complicated. You need PH meters, temperature sensors, EC meters and hygrometers. With the Bonsanto Grow Boxes you can forget about all these measuring devices. The system has precisely matched components - you just need to connect the box and you're ready to go.

The main advantages:

Fine tuned LED plant light, Beginner suitable soil (PH self-regulation), Own bio-fertilizer (also suitable for edible plants).

In our growing instructions you will learn step by step how to grow in the mini grow box:

For example, how do you make a seed germinate...?

How do I use a SCROG grid in the Bonsanto Grow case?

What are the power consumption and power costs for a complete grow?

With the Bonsanto® Grow System you get one of the most effective and efficient grow systems on the market. Our LED lamps offer an efficiency that is unbeatable compared to conventional, cheaper sodium lamps.

What accessories do we recommend in the Bonsanto Mini Grow case ?

Glossar The Growbox M & L are equipped with a specially designed ventilation system. This creates a negative pressure in the box to ensure that no annoying odors get outside that could disturb your housemates or roommates. The activated carbon filter responsible for this has a lifespan of about 6 months (depending on the operating time of the fan) and can be easily replaced. If you need new activated carbon after 6 months, you can purchase a replacement bag to replace the filter here in our store. As a grower you know how important air circulation is for indoor growing. That's why the Mini Growbox comes with a USB fan. This not only reduces the risk of mold in the case, but also strengthens the stem of your plant, which contributes to more efficient plant growth.

The odor filtration is also useful in the fermentation of your plants: if you plan to use the box to dry your plants, you can now do it odorless at home. So you can use the Growbox M to dry your harvest after cultivation. The matching ScrOG grid that you need to dry your harvest can be found here in our store.

In our store you can also find other accessories that can support the growth of your plants. For example, you can equip your Growbox XL with reflective foil to ensure faster plant growth. Adding CO₂ bags can also accelerate plant growth. In addition, you can find premium soil and Organic Boost concentrate in our store. This will ensure that your plant is supplied with sufficient nutrients.

Scope of delivery:
  • Bonsanto Mini Growbox L incl. places for two pots (2x 3.2 liters)
  • Bonsanto Mini Growbox M inkl. Stellplätze für zwei Töpfe (2x 1 Liter)
  • SANlight Q1W lamp incl. power supply and cable / 35 Watt Bonsanto® lamp incl. power supply and cable
  • 2x ventilation system incl. activated carbon filter (Silent)
  • 2x USB fan (for air circulation in the case)
  • 4x Kübel und 4x Unterteller / 2x 3,2 Liter + 2x 1 Liter
  • Cable ties to tie down the plant
  • Bonsanto Quick Start Guide
  • Optimal recommended accessories:

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