You want to buy a small weed grow box? Then you've come to the right place. Small, inconspicuous, efficient, affordable and simple - these are our mini growboxes from Bonsanto. With our small weed growbox you can achieve what is not possible outdoors or in other growboxes. Nothing stands in the way of a successful grow and a bountiful harvest!

What is the benefit of a grow box?

Growing in a grow box has many advantages. Of course, you can simply grow your plant in the middle of your apartment or on your windowsill, but this can quickly lead to unwanted attention. You will also have difficulty setting up the proper lighting and ventilation that your plant needs for healthy growth. In addition, the smell of your cannabis plant will quickly spread throughout your home. When growing in a mini grow box, you have the advantage of being able to control all of this and grow regardless of the time of year or day.

Why should you buy a small grow box?

Now that we have clarified why it makes sense to grow a cannabis plant in a grow box instead of outdoors or indoors, we come to the question of why a small grow box in particular can be practical.

Size & Mobility

A small growbox has many advantages over other larger growboxes. Our growbox is characterized by its compactness, mobility and small size. Due to the rollable case design, you can place the growbox super easy where it suits you best. With the Mini Growbox you can grow even in a small apartment space-saving. This is very practical, especially in today's situation where rental prices continue to rise, and many move into smaller apartments or live in small apartments.

Fast cycle

The average growth cycle of a cannabis plant is about three to six months. If you buy a small grow box, you have the possibility to shorten the cycle by about 50% of the time. This is possible because when growing in a grow box, you can send the cannabis plant into the flowering phase after about two to three weeks. This way, your plant will be ready for harvest sooner. Especially for impatient growers this can be an advantage!

Suitable for beginners

Our mini grow box contains everything you need for a successful indoor cultivation. Therefore, the small grow box is also suitable for grow beginners. When you buy our small grow box you get a fully equipped case that contains everything you need for a successful cannabis grow. In addition, all components of the growbox are perfectly matched. If you are a beginner in the field of cannabis cultivation, this will of course save you a lot of time and mistakes when growing. So you don't have to spend many hours researching what you need for your grow and what the best lamps, charcoal filters and ventilation systems are. With the purchase of the small grow box you get a complete grow kit and you also have the possibility to buy other suitable grow accessories in our store. If you are already an experienced grower, it can still make sense to buy a small grow box. The advantages mentioned above speak for themselves.

Small Growbox - Does a cannabis plant have enough space?

When it comes to buying a small grow box, many people wonder if the cannabis plant will have enough room to grow in the grow box. We can take away this worry! When your plant reaches a height of about 15-20 cm, you can start to treat the plant with a low stress training. Tie the included quick tie around the main stem of the plant and attach it to the plant pot. The oval circle will bind your plant downwards, which is why it can now grow more in width than in height.

Small hemp grow box - energy efficiency

Using a small weed grow box for your cannabis cultivation can be considered more energy efficient compared to larger or other types of grow boxes for several reasons. A small weed grow box requires less light to adequately illuminate the plants. By reducing the lighting area, you can use smaller and more energy efficient lights, which minimizes overall energy consumption.

In addition, temperature control often proves easier in a small grow room. Large grow boxes can have different temperature zones, requiring more energy for heating or cooling to ensure a consistent temperature. In contrast, in small rooms it is easier to maintain a consistent temperature, requiring less energy.

Another advantage is the reduced need for ventilation. Less powerful fans are sufficient to ensure adequate air circulation in a smaller grow room. This is particularly important as ventilation often accounts for a significant proportion of energy consumption.

There are also advantages in terms of the irrigation system. You can usually run a small grow box with a simpler irrigation system. This means not only less water consumption, but also less energy used for pumps and other components of the system.

Scope of delivery of the small grow box:

As already mentioned, the growbox contains the most important components you need to grow your cannabis plant. The small weed grow box has space for one plant pot. A matching pot and a saucer are included.

Furthermore, when you buy a small grow box, you get a 35 watt full spectrum plant lamp (incl. power supply). This LED lamp has several advantages. On the one hand, it saves electricity costs, on the other hand, it is suitable for any plant species in different growth phases. This means that you do not have to change the LED lamp depending on the growth phase of your plant, but can use it continuously for the lighting of your plant.

Of course, a good ventilation system is also important when growing indoors. The small grow box comes with an activated carbon filter and a USB fan. The activated carbon filter ensures that the cannabis smell of your plant does not spread throughout the apartment, as it neutralizes the air. Meanwhile, the USB fan circulates air in the Mini Grow Box, which promotes the health of the plant and prevents mold from forming. Since both the activated carbon filter and the fan work very quietly, you can easily place the small grow box next to your bed or sofa without being disturbed by too much noise.

The operation of the small grow box:

The delivery of the small grow box includes instructions for the use of the Mini Grow Box. Furthermore, you can find a step-by-step guide for the correct cultivation in the Mini Grow Box on our site. Also in our blog postsyou can find more information on topics such as proper watering, germinating seeds and growing autoflowers. If these topics interest you, feel free to stop by our blog!

In short, the process of growing your cannabis plant is as follows. You let your purchased cannabis seeds germinate and then put them into the pot of the small grow box filled with wet soil. The seed should be placed about 5mm deep into the soil and covered with moist soil. It is then important to expose your cannabis plant to proper light and watering before sending your plant into the flowering phase. You can read more about this in our "The Cultivation" guide. To send your plant into the flowering phase, reduce the exposure time from 18 to about 12 hours per day. From the flowering phase on you can run the activated carbon filter and the USB fan 24 hours a day. After about 8-12 weeks your cannabis plant should be ready for harvest. After harvesting, you should dry your buds for one to two weeks. After that, we advise you to ferment your buds, because then they will reach coffee shop quality. You can read more about this in our blog article on the subject of Cannabis Fermenting .

Buy small weed grow box - advantages at a glance:

  • Faster cycle
  • Small & compact - A Mini Grow Box is mobile and fits over anywhere.
  • Fits in any small apartment
  • Perfectly suitable for beginners
  • Unobtrusive mounting system
  • Simple in operation
  • Components matched to each other
  • Also suitable for grow beginners
  • Strong Yield
  • 100% Odorless
  • Quiet in operation
  • Low power consumption
  • No prior knowledge needed


 Technical data:

Lamp 35W - full spectrum -waterproof
Weight of the suitcase around 1800 grams
Volume 34 L
Case dimensions 57x25x37cm (HxWxD)
Case Polycarbonate - flameproof
Fan 5V - USB connection
Ventilation slots Above and below (hidden)
Bucket volume ca. 3,2l (x1)
Operating temperature approx. 20-25°C

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