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Get the perfect flavour out of your herbs with the right storage with Boveda "Humidity Control" bags.

  1. Dry your herb (until your stems bend/break or can no longer be flexed).
  2. Put the herb in an airtight container, in a place with room temperature (e.g. canning jar).
  3. The place should be dark
  4. Put the bag in the jar with your herb
  5. Close the jar / container
  6. Now just wait - your herb matures like a wine and becomes sweeter and sweeter 



If you can smoke premium herb, why settle for less? Boveda packs preserve the quality of your buds and protect them efficiently and easily!

With the Boveda Packs your herb not only stays as fresh as possible, but you can also ferment your herb properly with the help of the Boveda Packs. The Boveda technology maximizes the smoking pleasure of your herbs and the leafy greens turn into sugar. This makes drying, your harvest fun again!

Why Boveda Packs?

Two factors are particularly important for the storage of your herbs. Firstly, a vacuum is important, and secondly, the humidity. To regulate the humidity in your storage box, the Boveda Packs are important. The Boveda Packs regulate the humidity in the container so that it is optimal for the storage of your herbs. The packs ensure that all the good ingredients of your harvest, such as terpenes and cannabinoids, and the pleasant smell of the herbs are preserved during storage.

If you use the packs and do not notice the typical smell when you open the jar, it is because the terpenes responsible for the smell are protected by water. Once you grind your harvest, the smell should then be fully effective. So if you don't smell your harvest when you open it, it's actually a good sign that the Boveda technology has protected your herbs' terpenes and they haven't evaporated during storage.

In short, Boveda Packs enrich the air with moisture and correct changes in humidity so that the humidity remains in balance.

How does Boveda do that?

The Boveda Packs consist of two packs, one containing water, the other containing a natural salt. These packs are connected by a vapor permeable "reverse osmosis" membrane that absorbs, or releases, water vapor depending on environmental conditions. This is why the packs are also known as 2-way moisture bags. By adapting to the environment and absorbing or releasing vapor as needed, the packs allow you to store your herbs for long periods of time without losing flavor or quality. The humidity of the environment is kept constant by the Boveda Packs, which among other things also prevents the formation of mold.

Why is humidity important in storage?

There are several reasons why it is important to ensure optimal humidity when storing your harvest. If your herbs dry out, they will burn faster when smoked and the smoking experience will be over quickly. Furthermore, humidity is important to preserve the resin and trichomes in your crop. So if the air is too dry, the resin and trichomes will break down and the psychoactive effect when smoked will be lost. Also, you surely want to perceive an intense flavor when smoking, right? Humidity is important for that too, because it ensures that the aroma of your herbs is preserved and even gets better. It's quite simple, because if your herbs become dry, the quality of your herbs will also deteriorate.

What is the optimal humidity for storage?

When storing your harvest, the relative humidity in the environment or storage container should be between 58% and 62%. This humidity protects your herbs from the loss of terpenes, the development of mold and damage to trichomes.

Can the packs make the air too humid?

No, the Boveda technology is designed so that there is no risk of excessive humidity. The vapor permeable "reverse osmosis" membrane allows the packs to absorb water vapor when humidity is too high, providing the necessary balance.

How to apply Boveda Packs?

The application is simple. Once you have chosen a storage jar for your herbs, you place the herbs in the jar along with the Boveda Packs. Since the packs are small, they fit into any container. It doesn't matter if you choose to place the bag on top of the buds, underneath, or rather in between. This will not affect the moisture control of the packs. There is no problem if your herbs touch the bag, as this food is harmless. Once you have placed them in the container, you do not need to do anything else, as the Boveda packs will activate by themselves and start regulating the humidity in the container.

When do the packs activate?

As mentioned above, the packs start working by themselves, so you don't need to activate them. As soon as you put them in your jar, they start regulating the humidity. After about 20 minutes you should see a difference on the humidity meter.

How long do the Boveda packs last?

As long as the container is not opened too often, the packs can last up to 6 months or longer. The packs are used up when they feel hard.

If you want to learn more about how to use Boveda in fermentation, check out blog here . Fermenting describes the controlled storage and curing of your harvest. The fermentation process should take at least two weeks, but can take several months. Here you can use Boveda Packs to maintain optimal humidity during fermentation.

Tips for use:

It is recommended to start with slightly too dry herbs and let the Boveda Packs take care of the rest.

The Boveda Pack 62% 4g is good for up to 15g of herbs. So if you want to smoke your harvest yourself or if you live in a humid environment, the Boveda Packs 62% are great.

Advantages of Boveda Packs at a glance:

  • Simple application
  • Contains natural salts and water
  • Humidity regulation
  • Corrects changes in humidity
  • Lasts up to 6 months
  • is food safe
  • a more intense and flavorful smoking experience
  • important ingredients of your harvest are preserved
  • prevents mold during storage

Scope of delivery:

    • One Boveda Pack (4g)
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    I have been using Boveda for a while and am happy that Bonsanto offers it as well, as I ordered these directly with other products. Who knows Boveda, already knows that it is great for drying the buds. I always ferment for about two weeks in a dark jar in combination with Boveda. For me, personally, 4g and 58% are enough. If you want to have your buds even drier more percentages might be good, but 58% should be good! For me, it works great!

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