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GrowBox from the LARGE XL Series. For growers who have ample space and area available.

  • Equipped with 2x "Full Spectrum" high power LED- Premium light from SANlight® - (Suitable for growing / growing / flowering - no need to change lamps).
  • Including 2x activated carbon filters for an odorless cultivation (clean air is blown out at the top of the tent)
  • Significantly quieter operation compared to conventional grow tents (-70% dB due to the noise-reducing MAX activated carbon filter)
  • High quality Secret Jardin® brand tent (without the use of inexpensive toxic materials).
  • Provides space for up to 6 plants (depending on pot size)



To all tent enthusiasts: it is our pleasure to present the Bonsanto Growbox Tent Complete Set from the LARGE collection, which with its dimensions of 80x80x180cm offers an extensive grow volume.

The heart of our GrowBox complete set is a tent provided by the renowned Belgian manufacturer Secret Jardin®, called Hydro Shoot 80. It has a volume of 80x80x180cm and can be set up quickly and easily without tools.

Due to its size, the tent is primarily suitable for apartments and houses where ample space is available. It comfortably accommodates up to 6 plants. The tent is equipped with 2 Max activated carbon filters, which are significantly quieter than conventional tube activated carbon filters. Our concept is Plug & Play - simply plug it in and get started. For quick and easy results, we recommend the Bonsanto® soil and Bonsanto fertilizer. Furthermore, the tent is equipped with 2 SANlight lamps (50W). As with the Bonsanto® LED lamps, we have the advantage that the lamps can be conveniently used during the: germination phase, growth phase, flowering phase. This saves you from constantly changing lamps. The SANlight lamps also have the advantage of having good depth penetration. This means that even the lower leaves can be adequately supplied with the right spectrum. Also included in the package is our own compact filter system: In contrast to other, clunky filter systems, our filter system can be mounted internally and with its activated carbon filter, ensures absolutely odorless cultivation of your favorite plant. And almost without noise disturbance: So the tent can even be set up in the closet in your bedroom.

The Full Spectrum LED light is the ideal solution for a high-yield indoor nursery. Its extensive light spectrum makes it suitable for all plant species and all growth phases. In addition, it is extremely energy efficient: despite their comparable output to conventional ~350W lights, such as sodium vapor lamps, these LED lights require only a small fraction of electricity. When used for 18 hours of light per day, the electricity costs amount to about 11€ per month - depending on the electricity tariff, of course. (Calculated with a 50 Watt SANlight LED lamp)

Does the activated carbon filter provide sufficient performance? 

For the tent we usually use a MAX activated carbon filter. This filter provides sufficient power even for a growbox tent with the dimensions 80x80x180cm. However, in order not to have to fully utilize the Max filter (and thus minimize noise), we include two of these MAX activated carbon filters with the tent. This way you can reduce the filter capacity to 50-80% and still benefit from sufficient filtration capacity of the tent. For example, the activated carbon filter only needs to run at full capacity during the last 3 weeks of the bloom phase. The tent can be expanded with additional Max activated carbon filters (up to 2 additional).

Vergleich Aktivkohlefilter Bonsanto

Vergleich Aktivkohlefilter Bonsanto

The delivery package includes:

  • Indoor Grow Box: Secret Jardin® Hydro Shoot 80
  • 2x Full Spectrum LED light (50 Watt) including power supply and cable
  • Ventilation system with 2x activated carbon filters (MAX)
  • 2x additional fans (Pro) for the circulating air
  • 2x buckets (5.3 liters) and 2x saucers
  • 2x height adjustable cord with two snap hooks each
  • Including instructions "How to grow properly?"
  • A 60€ voucher with the purchase of a Balcony Power Plant

How can the effectiveness or "goodness" of an LED lamp be assessed?

The quality of an LED lamp can be determined by the PAR value. Light consists of photons that can oscillate in different wavelengths. Those wavelengths that are important for photosynthesis and thus plant growth are called PAR (photosynthetically active radiation). The PAR value measures the flux of these photosynthetic photons and is expressed in micromoles. A higher PAR value indicates better quality/efficiency of the lamp and can therefore lead to higher yields from your plants. Our Bonsanto® LED lamps have a high PAR value, which maximizes the yield of your plants.



Do I need 250 watts for a 100x100x200cm tent?

Viele Wettbewerber bieten 100x100x200cm Zelte (+/- 10cm) mit 250 bzw. 300 Watt an. Grower denken dann automatisch, dass mit mehr Watt auch gleichzeitig der Ertrag steigt. Dem ist aber definitiv nicht so. Meist sind 250 / 300 Watt LED Lampen in Zelten Geldverschwendung. Sie kreieren zu hohe Stromkosten. Gleiche Erträge kann man mit guten (SANlight® / Bonsanto® LEDS) mit 100 Watt erreichen. Dadurch spart man im Jahr schnell mal bis zu 500€ Stromkosten bei fast gleichen Erträgen.

Why is that?

  • More wattage does not mean more yield. The correct PAR value is decisive. Expensive LEDs usually have a much higher efficiency (PAR / SQM).
  • The cultivation area is decisive for the yield. Means, on one square meter it doesn't make much difference if you grow with a high quality LED 100 Watt or a cheap 250 LED plant lamp. The yield will not be a big difference in the end. However, the cost of electricity will differ significantly. With the offered Bonsanto Grow tents you will save about 500€ electricity costs per year.

Just consider this fact in the decision of your grow box complete set.

Bonsanto Complete Set Grow Tents are significantly more power efficient than the competition!

Technical data:

Dimensions tent 80x80x180cm
LED Lamps 2x 50 Watt incl. power supply and cable
Volume 1.152 Liter
Tent frame material steel pipes Ø16mm - plastic plug angle
Material walls Screen M210D
Filter system 2x Bonsanto® - activated carbon filtration (MAX))
Circulating air 2x 5V USB-Fan PRO
Bucket volume ca. 5.3l (2x)

How does the cultivation in the Grow Box work?

Bonsanto® represents, among other things, simplicity in cultivation. To ensure you don't encounter any problems while growing, we've crafted a comprehensive cultivation guide for you. This means that even if you don't have a green thumb, you can still achieve successful harvests. It's crucial to utilize Bonsanto® components, such as the PH self-regulating soil or the Organic Boost Fertilizer. Please, take a look at our guide for further instructions.

Here is an example of how the lonely takes place:

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  1. Lisa M.

    Lisa M.

    Habe mir erst das Zelt gekauft, war mir aber doch viel zu groß. Bonsanto war so nett, den Artikel direkt umzutauschen. Habe mir stattdessen den L Koffer geholt.

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  2. Benjamin Xx.

    Benjamin Xx.

    After initial concerns, the SANLight are completely sufficient. My buddy has the EVO. We have almost the same yield. The MAX activated carbon filter is quite loud. Therefore 2 stars deducted, but overall I am satisfied

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  3. Jonas

    Schneller Aufbau...


    Schneller Aufbau, bis jetzt läuft alles gut. Ich muss die MAX Filter auch nicht voll auf 100% laufen lassen. Meist reicht 40-60%.

    (0) (0)

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