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Hanf anbauen im Zimmer - richtig growen indoor

You can grow cannabis not only outdoors, but also in your own home. Cannabis is a hardy plant. It can grow outdoors, in a grow room, in your room or on your windowsill. Below you will learn how to grow cannabis indoors, where to grow cannabis in your room and what factors you should consider when growing indoors.

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Why grow hemp in the room?

If you want to grow cannabis indoors, you have the advantage that you can better control the individual cultivation components. Indoors you can grow your cannabis plant regardless of the weather and climate. In addition, you have better possibilities to protect your cannabis plant from the eyes of others in your room.

Hanf anbauen indoor anfänger
Cannabis anbau indoor

Where to grow hemp in the room?

It is important that you think about where exactly you would like to grow. For growing hemp indoors, there are two factors that are important: Light and privacy.

Ideally, you should grow where your grow is protected from the view of others and you have control over the grow. In the room, it is suitable to grow in unused rooms or closets. Growing hemp near doorways and passageways is rather unsuitable. Rooms that face south can get very hot in the summer, so they are also not a good place to grow.

Hanf anbauen im Zimmer

Windowsill cultivation

Actually, when growing cannabis indoors, the windowsill is not a good place for a grow, as it offers no privacy. But since almost everyone has a windowsill at home and doesn't want to invest in a grow box or grow tent, there are ways to make a successful windowsill grow. If you don't want to spend a lot of money and are satisfied with less harvest, this is a good grow alternative for you. The important thing with windowsill growing is that your plant is placed in a window where it gets good light. Once you have found a spot, make sure that your plant is not in the field of view of your neighbors. It is also advisable to consider an autoflowering plant for such a grow, as it will automatically switch to the flowering phase and the change will not be affected by a shortened light cycle. Choose the largest possible pot that will fit on your windowsill. The bigger the pot, the better!

Hanf anbauen im Zimmer - richtig growen indoor
Hanf Anbauen im Zimmer ohne Growbox

Grow hemp in grow box

When growing cannabis indoors, you can buy a grow box. This has the advantage that your cannabis plant is protected from the eyes of others and you have more control over the growth of your plant than, for example, the windowsill grow. In addition, you can perfectly adjust temperature, ventilation and light to the needs of your cannabis plant. The Bonsanto grow boxes contain all the components you need for a successful grow. The case design of the boxes makes your cultivation unobtrusive. The box is rollable and can be easily moved around in your room or apartment. You can also place the grow box in your closet. If you use a Bonsanto grow box to grow cannabis in your room, your grow will remain a secret.

Grow hemp in grow tent

Many growers like to use a grow tent for indoor cannabis cultivation. These are also available for purchase from Bonsanto. Growing in a grow tent is not quite as inconspicuous as growing in the Bonsanto cases, but still has the advantage that the growing conditions in the tent can be perfectly matched to your grow and controlled. Grow tents often offer more space, allowing you to grow multiple plants at once. They can also be hidden in closets and unused rooms.

What are important factors when growing hemp indoors?

There are several factors that are important for indoor cannabis cultivation and a successful grow. If you adjust the factors correctly, you will create an optimal environment for growing your cannabis plant. When growing cannabis in a grow box or grow tent, you can control and adjust the factors to suit the growth of your plant.

If you are using one of our Bonsanto grow boxes for your cannabis grow, read the growing instructions on the Bonsanto website to learn how growing in one of our grow boxes works. The Bonsanto components are so well-matched that you don't need any measuring devices for your grow. Nevertheless, it may be interesting for you to learn the theory about the necessary growing conditions. You can read more about this in the following.

Light needs

When growing cannabis indoors, your cannabis plant needs at least 12 hours of light per day. When growing in a grow box or grow tent, you can control the exposure time with the help of a timer.

There are certain lights that are particularly well suited for growing cannabis. LED lights are the best for growing cannabis indoors. They are characterized by a low heat production. This is important for growing hemp, as the plant can burn under too high temperatures. Also, LEDs are quieter than conventional lights. Thus, even though you are growing your cannabis plant indoors, you won't be disturbed by loud noises. Furthermore, LED lights have a full spectrum of light, so you won't have to worry about annoying lamp changes at different stages of growth. You can use an LED grow light throughout the entire growing process. LEDs are also energy efficient and save you from a high electricity bill.

Included with the Bonsanto Mini Growboxes is a full spectrum LED plant lamp. This LED lamp is long-lasting and suitable for every cannabis variety and every growth phase. If you don't own a Bonsanto growbox, you can also purchase a LED plant lamp separately in our store.

If you want to use the light of your lamp efficiently, you can equip your growbox with a Bonsanto reflection foil . The reflective foil provides your plant with more light so that it can grow faster and more efficiently. 


For successful growth of your cannabis plant, you need to provide optimal climate conditions in your room, growbox or grow tent. The temperature should remain constant throughout the entire grow. Cannabis is a hardy plant, but it can freeze in the cold and burn in the heat. If the temperature is not set optimally, this will hinder healthy plant growth. When growing cannabis indoors, the optimal temperature can be set using fans, air conditioners and heaters. Basically, the optimal temperature of a grow should be between 20 - 28 degrees Celsius.

If you use a Bonsanto grow box when growing cannabis indoors, you do not need a thermometer to measure the temperature. The grow box is self-regulating and the Bonsanto components are tuned so that no measuring devices are necessary for the grow. Just use the included fan to provide air circulation in the box. The full-spectrum led lamp is designed so that it does not give off too much heat and protects the plant from burns.

Hanf anbauen im Zimmer - marihuana anpflanzen indoor


Cannabis plants need to be well ventilated for healthy growth. When growing cannabis indoors, you need to make sure that your plant is supplied with enough air. If you are growing cannabis on a windowsill, you should open the window regularly to ventilate the room. If you are growing in a grow box or grow tent, air circulation is very important to prevent mold and pest infestation. Fresh air is also essential for the process of photosynthesis. Grow boxes and grow tents should therefore be equipped with vents. A fan is also necessary to distribute the air in the growroom.

Die Bonsanto Growboxen enthalten im Lieferumfang einen Ventilator. Außerdem hast du die Möglichkeit CO2 bags im Bonsanto Shop zu kaufen, die du in die Growbox hängen kannst, um ein schnelleres Pflanzenwachstum zu fördern, indem du für Sauerstoff und frische Luft in der Box sorgst.

gras indoor anbauen
hanfzucht indoor


When growing cannabis indoors, it is important to ensure a balanced humidity in the grow environment. This will allow your cannabis plant to grow mold-free. Seedlings prefer a higher humidity (approx. 60-70%). In vegetative growth, the humidity can be lowered slightly. At the end of the growth phase and during flowering, the humidity should be below 50%.

If you own a Bonsanto grow box, you are in luck! You can save yourself measuring the humidity, because the Bonsanto components are self-regulating. Everything that is important for the cultivation in the growbox, you will learn in the Bonsanto cultivation instructions.


Hanf benötigt zum Wachsen einige Nährstoffe. Du solltest beim Hanf anbauen im Zimmer darauf achten, nährstoffhaltige Grow-Erde zu nutzen. Handelsübliche Erde aus Baumärkten eignet sich für den Anbau von Cannabis nicht, da diese Erde nicht über genügend Nährstoffe verfügt und Schädlinge enthalten kann. Weitere Nährstoffe kannst du deiner Hanfpflanze mit Hilfe von Düngemitteln hinzufügen. Im Bonsanto Shop findest du organische Premium-Erde sowie Fertiliser, den du fürs Hanf anbauen im Zimmer verwenden kannst.


Water is not only important for the process of photosynthesis, but also serves as a nutrient transporter and supports the temperature regulation of the cannabis plant. When growing cannabis indoors, you should always water your plant when about 1-2 cm of the soil surface is dry. How much water your plant needs depends on the pot size. Divide the water into portions and gradually pour it evenly into the pot. Avoid over- and under-watering your cannabis plant. If you want to learn more about watering cannabis properly, check out our blog post "Watering Plants - All About Proper Watering" on our website.

Wenn du eine Bonsanto Growbox nutzt, orientiere dich beim Bewässern an unsere growing guide. Dort erfährst du, wie die Bewässerung in der Bonsanto Mini Growbox funktioniert.

Cannabis im Zimmer anbauen

What are the growth stages of indoor cannabis?

When growing cannabis indoors, we distinguish between three different growth phases.

The beginning of your grow is germination. During germination, the seed develops into a white shoot that breaks through the seed wall. You can germinate your seeds in different ways. Depending on your preference, you can choose between the kitchen paper method, the water glass method or the grow medium method. You can read more about this in our blog article "Germinating seeds". If you want to germinate your seeds in the Bonsanto Growbox, read our growing instructions. There we explain how germination works in the growbox we offer.

The germination is followed by the growth phase. In this phase, when growing hemp indoors, an exposure of 18 hours is recommended. As the name suggests, this phase is characterized by the growth of your cannabis plant. Indoors, this phase can last 4-8 weeks.

When you reduce the exposure time from 18 hours to 12 hours when growing cannabis indoors, you send your plant into the flowering phase. In this phase, the aromas unfold and plants start to flower. The buds become thicker and the trichomes amber.

Cannabispflanze in der Wohnung

Overview Grow hemp in the room

When growing indoors, you have the advantage that you can better control the grow environment of your cannabis plant. Grow boxes or grow tents are suitable for indoor cannabis cultivation. A windowsill grow can be a cost-effective alternative. Unlike outdoor grow, you can better control indoor lighting, air supply, watering, temperature, and nutrients. Bonsanto's grow boxes and grow tents contain coordinated and self-regulating components, so you can start growing immediately after receiving the box. Just follow the motto: Plug and Grow! For more information, you can read our Bonsanto growing guide.

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