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CO2 Generator Grow

To survive, we humans need oxygen, plants need CO2. CO2 is a colourless gas that is naturally present in the air. So if you grow indoors or in a grow box, you need to provide fresh air and an adequate supply of CO2 for your favourite plant to grow healthily. A CO2 generator grow can be a good solution for this. Here you can find out how much CO2 your plant needs, what the advantages of a CO2 generator are, how the Bonsanto CO2 generator works and how you can use it.

The Bonsanto CO2 Generator Grow will be available in our shop from summer 2023!

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Why is CO2 important for plant growth?

If you want to get the best out of your plant and support a healthy plant growth, you can't get around CO2. Without CO2 (carbon dioxide), plants cannot photosynthesise. When your plant photosynthesises, it produces sugar and oxygen. Your plant then needs the sugar for growth. For healthy plant growth, your plant must therefore be supplied with sufficient CO2. 

Especially if you grow indoors or in a Growbox , you should make sure that your plant gets enough CO2. If the amount of CO2 in the environment of your favourite plant increases, so does its ability to grow. A high CO2 content in the air can lead to a high-yielding crop.

How much CO2 does your favourite plant need?

Growers measure the CO2 concentration in the air in ppm (parts per million). How much CO2 your favourite plant needs depends on several factors, such as plant variety or growth phase. In general, however, we can say that a CO2 concentration of about 350-1500 ppm in the air contributes to optimal plant growth. If you grow indoors, the ppm value is usually in the lower range of the optimal amount and should therefore be increased by using a CO2 bag or a CO2 generator. However, you should be careful not to add more than 1500 ppm CO2 to your plant. This is wasteful and can even affect healthy plant growth.

CO2 Generator Grow for healthy plant growth

What is a CO2 generator?

The purpose of a CO2 generator is to produce CO2 and release it into the environment to increase the CO2 content in the air. There are different types of CO2 generators. For example, there are CO2 generators that draw CO2 from a gas cylinder or another source. The Bonsanto CO2 generator, on the other hand, obtains the CO2 in tablet form.

Why is a CO2 generator useful for indoor growing?

As already mentioned, your plants need CO2 to grow. Therefore, especially for indoor growing, it is important to increase the CO2 concentration in the air. You can do this with the help of a CO2 generator Grow. The CO2 concentration in the air is usually lower indoors than outdoors, which is why CO2 and fresh air supply are indispensable for healthy plant growth.

When you use a CO2 generator grow, your plants can absorb more CO2, which results in higher and qualitative yields. Especially if you are growing in a grow tent or grow box, using a CO2 generator for your cannabis grow makes sense.

What are the advantages of a CO2 generator?

Using a CO2 generator has several advantages. Here you can see at a glance what they are:

  • Healthy plant growth: A CO2 generator can promote the growth of your plant. With a higher CO2 concentration, your plant will grow faster and can produce larger flowers.
  • Reduced cultivation time: Faster plant growth leads to reduced cultivation time and higher productivity.  
  • High-yield harvest: Healthy plant growth and large flowers can lead to a high-yield harvest.
  • Less fertiliser: If your plant is supplied with sufficient CO2, your plant can therefore absorb more nutrients. This can lead to a lower need for fertiliser.
Indoor Cultivation CO2 Generator

Bonsanto CO2 Generator Grow

The Bonsanto CO2 Generator Grow will be available in our shop from summer 2023. It is small and compact and thus saves you a lot of space. Despite its small size, it is able to produce and release a high amount of CO2. It is powered by a rechargeable battery, mounted in your grow box or grow tent and filled with CO2 tablets. A timer ensures the regular release of CO2 into the air. The great thing is that our generator also works without microorganisms and the processing of germs. The operation is therefore much easier.

What is the advantage of the Bonsanto CO2 Generator over a CO2 Bag?

If you want to increase the CO2 concentration in the grow box, you can do this either by using a CO2-Bag or a CO2 generator Grow. A CO2 bag reliably supplies your plant with CO2, but the Bonsanto CO2 Generator has a decisive advantage. It continuously supplies your plants with CO2 over a long period of time and is the cheaper alternative in the long term compared to the CO2 bags. The tablets you need for the Bonsanto CO2 generator are cheaper than the bags in continuous operation.

How to use the Bonsanto CO2 Generator Grow?

Using the Bonsanto CO2 Generator Grow is super easy. Open the CO2 generator and fill it with about 100-300 ml of water. Then you can hang it in your grow box. The generator runs automatically and can be controlled by a timer, so that it releases large amounts of CO2 into the air several times a day. The CO2 first accumulates in the grow room where it can be absorbed by your plant. After a while, the activated carbon filter transports the CO2 outside. Then the generator releases another amount of carbon dioxide.

As CO2 is heavier than air, you should position the generator at the top of your grow tent or grow box. You can also place it at the bottom, but then you should work with an air circulation fan that distributes the CO2 in the box so that your plant can absorb it.

With a Timer you can control the CO2 fertilisation so that your plant is supplied with CO2 but the optimal CO2 content is not exceeded.

It is important that you use the CO2 generator together with a fan and an activated carbon filter. A Fan and an Activated carbon filter are already included in the scope of delivery of the Bonsanto grow box or the Bonsanto grow tent. You can also purchase these separately in our shop. The fan and the filter ensure that your grow room is well ventilated and the air can circulate. This prevents the accumulation of CO2 in one place, which is essential for healthy plant growth. 

Bonsanto Indoor Grow CO2 Generator

CO2 Generator Grow at a glance:

  • Plants need CO2 to survive and grow
  • Especially when growing indoors, you have to make sure that the CO2 concentration in the air is adequate.
  • The optimal CO2 content is around 350-1500 ppm.
  • A CO2 generator produces CO2 and continuously releases it into its environment
  • Such a generator promotes fast and healthy plant growth and leads to a high-yield harvest
  • In the long run, the Bonsanto generator is more cost-effective than using CO2 bags
  • The Bonsanto CO2 Generator Grow is quick and easy to use
  • It is operated with a rechargeable battery and filled with CO2 tablets.
  • The Bonsanto generator is small and compact
  • With the help of a timer, it releases CO2 at regular intervals and contributes to the healthy growth of your plant
  • If you want to further accelerate the growth of your plant, check out our Reflective foil here

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