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cannabis light

Without light your plant can't grow, so in this blog post you'll learn all about the important topic of "cannabis light". If you light your cannabis plant properly, it can grow healthy and nothing stands in the way of a bountiful harvest. Here you will learn why cannabis needs light, what you should consider when choosing the right lighting, what advantages LED lights have and why our Bonsanto grow lights are a good choice for your grow.

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Why does cannabis need light?

Like all plants, cannabis requires light for the important process of photosynthesis. This converts light energy into chemical energy, which is essential for the growth and development of the plant. Without sufficient light, cannabis plants cannot produce nutrients and thus cannot form new cells, resulting in stunted growth and weakened health.

In addition, light also affects other important aspects of cannabis cultivation. Light intensity and duration can affect the cannabinoid and terpene content of the flowers, which in turn can influence the quality and medicinal benefits of the plant.

Why does cannabis need light?

What to consider with cannabis light?

When growing cannabis, there are a few aspects you should consider regarding lighting.

The right light spectrum: Your cannabis needs different light spectrums during different growth phases. In the vegetative phase your plant prefers blue light, while in the flowering phase it needs more red light. By adapting the light spectra to the respective growth phase, you promote healthy growth and optimal flowering.

The right light intensity: Light intensity is a critical factor affecting plant growth. Too little light can lead to long, sparse growth, while too much light can cause burns and affect plant growth. It's important to find the right balance to ensure healthy development of your cannabis plants.

Illumination time and dark phase: Cannabis also requires a sufficient dark phase to recover and carry out important processes such as the production of hormones and enzymes. During the vegetative phase, 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness are usually recommended. In the flowering phase, a switch to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness is necessary to stimulate flower formation.

Efficient lighting systems: There are several lighting systems available for cannabis cultivation, including LED lamps, sodium vapor (HID) lamps, and fluorescent lamps. LED lamps are becoming increasingly popular due to their energy efficiency, longevity, and ability to adjust the light spectrum.

Avoidance of light stress: Too abrupt changes in lighting can lead to light stress, which affects plant growth and inhibits the formation of flowers. It is important to introduce changes in lighting gradually to minimize such stress.

Hemp proper lighting indoor grow

What are advantages of LED lamps?

LED lights have proven to be one of the most popular and efficient lighting options for cannabis cultivation. They offer a variety of benefits that make them an ideal choice for growers.

LED lamps are extremely energy efficient and use less electricity compared to traditional lighting systems such as sodium vapor lamps (HID) or fluorescent lamps. This allows you to lower your energy costs and reduce your environmental footprint.

One of the biggest advantages of LED lamps for cannabis cultivation is their ability to adapt the light spectrum to the needs of plants in different growth phases. With special full-spectrum LEDs, growers can provide both the blue light for the vegetative phase and the red light for the flowering phase.

Compared to traditional lighting systems, LED lamps generate less heat. This reduces the risk of burning your plants and allows for better control of the room temperature in the growing environment. LED lamps also have a long lifespan and typically last much longer than traditional lighting systems. This reduces maintenance costs and the need for frequent lamp replacements. LED lamps are also compact and can be used in narrow spaces, allowing for optimal space utilization. They are also ideal for growing in small, confined spaces such as grow tents or closets.

When choosing LED lamps for cannabis cultivation, it is important to choose high-quality and reliable products from reputable manufacturers. It is best to choose an LED lamp that is specifically designed for cannabis growing.

Cannabis Indoor Grow -Advantages of LED Lamps

Cannabis underexposure or overexposure

When cannabis plants are overexposed or underexposed, it can have negative effects on their growth and health. Therefore, you should avoid this at all costs.


Too much light can cause burning on the leaves of your plant, which is manifested by yellow or brown spots on the tips of the leaves. This often happens when plants are too close to the light source or the light intensity is too high. Overexposure can stress plants, causing growth delays and overall weakening of health. Plants cannot effectively recover from the effects of intense light. In addition, overexposure can impair the plants' ability to absorb nutrients. This can lead to nutrient deficiencies and deficiency symptoms in your plant.


Cannabis plants that do not receive enough light often grow longer and taller as they try to reach towards the light to get more of it. This results in weak and thin stems. Under-exposure can also delay or reduce flower formation, or plants may not receive enough light to move into the flowering phase.

How to maximize light output in indoor grow?

There is an easy way to maximize the light output of your grow light. Simply equip your grow box or grow tent with a reflective foil.

A reflective foil ensures that the incident light is better reflected by the plants. This increases the light output and more light reaches the lower and lateral areas of the plants, which normally receive less light. The use of reflective film helps to distribute light evenly over the entire growing area. This reduces areas of shadow and minimizes the risk of over- or underexposed areas, resulting in uniform plant growth.

In addition, reflective sheeting is a relatively inexpensive way to improve lighting efficiency compared to other lighting options. It's a simple and effective way to get the most out of available light sources. With better light utilization, growers may be able to reduce lighting intensity or shorten lighting duration without compromising plant health and growth. This can lead to energy savings and lower operating costs.

The reflective films from Bonsanto have a reflection strength of 90%, are UV and water resistant and are easy to apply and remove. Our films are pre-cut and are therefore perfect for the Bonsanto Growbox cases M, L and XL. You can also find a suitable reflective film for our grow tents in our store.

Reflective foil Maximize light output

Bonsanto Grow Lamps

If you are still looking for a suitable grow lamp, take a look at our Bonsanto LED lamps. These are energy-efficient, long-lasting and include a full light spectrum, which is why you are spared annoying lamp changes and you can use the lamps throughout the entire growing process for the cultivation of your cannabis plant.

Cannabis Light - Overview

  • Cannabis requires light for the process of photosynthesis and for healthy plant growth
  • Pay attention to the right light spectrum and the right light intensity when growing
  • It's best to use a full spectrum lamp for the grow to avoid annoying lamp changes
  • We recommend the use of LED lamps for the cultivation of cannabis, as they are durable and energy efficient
  • Avoid under- and over-exposure to avoid harming your plant

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