Cannabis Cultivation Light - All About Proper Indoor Lighting

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Cannabis Anbau Licht - Alles über die richtige Belichtung von Hanf

If you want to grow your cannabis plant indoors, for example in a Bonsanto Mini Growbox, your plant will not be supplied with sunlight like outdoors. Therefore, you need to imitate the sunlight with the help of a lamp. The topic of "cannabis cultivation light" and the right lighting are crucial for the growth and development of your plant, as it needs the energy to perform photosynthesis and produce nutrients.

In the following we explain what you should know about the lighting of your cannabis plant, which grow lamp is best suited, what you should look for when buying a grow lamp and which values are important.

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Why do you need light for cannabis cultivation?

Like other plants, cannabis requires light for photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process by which plants convert light into energy they need to survive and grow. Without light, plants cannot form new cells and therefore cannot grow. If a cannabis plant is provided with insufficient light, not only will growth suffer, but so will the health of the plant.

Cannabis cultivation light - What to consider?

Cannabis plants need a lot of light. However, not every lamp is suitable for growing cannabis indoors. Basically, you should always buy a lamp that is specifically designed for growing hemp. Commercially available bulbs are not suitable for indoor grow. But there are also some quality differences in grow lamps. It is important to pay attention to how much light and what kind of light a lamp emits. The intensity and color spectrum of the light play a crucial role. Also, the distance between the lamp and the plant and the lighting cycle are important points in the field of "cannabis cultivation light".

If you want to use the light of your lamp efficiently, you can equip your growbox with a Bonsanto reflection foil . The reflective foil provides your plant with more light so that it can grow faster and more efficiently. 

Light intensity

When you buy a grow light, you should pay attention to how intense or how bright the light of the lamp is. The larger your growing area, the brighter the light should be. Furthermore, the better a cannabis plant is supplied with light, the faster it will grow and the more productive the harvest will be. But also note that too much light can burn the plant.

If you buy one of our Bonsanto LED lamps, you can easily avoid the problem, because our lamps have the right light intensity for your grow.

Color spectrum

The light produced by a lamp is measured in Kelvin (K) and referred to as color temperature. If a light has a high K value, it appears bluish. If, on the other hand, the K value is low, the light appears reddish. When a lamp emits a white-hot light, it covers the entire color spectrum from red to blue. Therefore, LED lights are particularly suitable for indoor cultivation of hemp plants, as they contain this color spectrum.

Normally, lamps need to be changed often, as plants require bluish light during the initial growth phase and reddish light during the flowering phase. The bluish light promotes the formation of chlorophyll- a chemical that ensures rapid growth of the plant. Bonsanto LED lamps encompass the necessary color spectrum from blue to red to provide cannabis plants with the light they need in every growth phase. This saves you from annoying lamp changes.

Growbox LED - Farbspektrum

Lamp distance

The distance from the lamp to the plant is also something you should pay attention to when it comes to cannabis cultivation light. LED lamps with over 200W should be mounted about 30 to 70 cm above the plant. If the lamp has a wattage of over 400W, the distance between the light and the plant should be about 50 to 80 cm. Therefore, the higher the wattage, the greater the distance should be. Hang the lamp higher if you notice that your plant suffers burns or the leaves lose color.

If you have a Bonsanto growbox, you place the LED lamp in the upper part of the growbox and you can leave it there during the whole growing process.

Lighting cycle

Je nach Wachstumsphase benötigt eine Hanfpflanze unterschiedliche Beleuchtungsbedingungen. In der Sämlings- bzw. Stecklings-Phase kannst du entweder auf einen 24 stündige Belichtung oder einen 18/6-Zyklus zurückgreifen. Baust du in der Bonsanto Growbox an, empfehlen wir dir die ersten 4-7 Tage eine 24stündige Belichtung zu wählen. Letzterer steht für eine Belichtungsdauer von 18h und eine Dunkelphase von 6h und ist natürlich stromsparender. Dieser 18/6-Zyklus wird auch in der Wachstumsphase der Hanfpflanze beibehalten. Um die Blütephase einzuleiten, wird die Belichtung von 18h auf 12h am Tag reduziert, weshalb man dann von einem 12/12-Zyklus spricht.

Cannabis Wachstum Licht
Cannabis Pflanze Licht

Cannabis Cultivation Light - What are the advantages of LED lamps?

There are several lights that are suitable for indoor grow of hemp. These include, for example, HID, LED CFL and induction lights. Each type of lamp has advantages and disadvantages. In recent years, LED lighting has gained popularity among growers and is well suited for cannabis cultivation for several reasons. LED lamps have a longer lifespan than other lamps and bring more efficiency and high light intensity. They also ensure that your plant doesn't overheat, as they give off less heat than other types of lamps. In addition, LED lamps consume less energy, so the low power consumption saves costs.

Cannabis Anbau Licht - Indoor Belichtung Hanf-Grow

What are the signs of too much or too little light?

If the leaves of your plant turn yellow, show green veins and are difficult to pull off the stem, this is an indicator of light oversaturation or a too high PAR value. In this case, it is also called light burn. Loose, airy or white buds also indicate too much light. 

Plants need light to carry out photosynthesis. If they receive too little of it, this can be determined by very slow growth. A tall plant stem also indicates too little light. Due to insufficient light, the stem stretches towards the light source and thus gains height.

If you want to avoid this problem, it is advisable to use the Bonsanto LED lamps, as they have the optimal values that your plant needs for healthy growth.

Cannabis Anbau Beleuchtung
Licht Cannabis

How to measure the effectiveness "goodness" in cannabis cultivation light?

The quality of an LED lamp can be measured with the PAR value. Light consists of photons, whereby these photons can oscillate in different wavelengths. The wavelengths that provide for photosynthesis are called PAR (photosynthetically active radiation). This is the radiation that the plant can use for the process of photosynthesis. So PAR describes the flux of photosynthetic photons and is measured in μmol. So when you look at grow lamps, be sure to pay attention to the PAR value, because only this radiation can be used by the plant.

What PAR value does cannabis need?

The PAR value of your lamp should be adjusted depending on the growth phase. The optimal PAR value at the beginning of the growth phase is 100 to 300 μmol. In the flowering phase, the value should be between 500 and 1050 μmol. Make sure that the PAR value does not exceed this specification, otherwise it can hinder the growth of your plant. If you use one of our Bonsanto lamps, you can easily avoid the problem of changing lamps in the different growth phases, because our lamps can be used during all growth phases.

Growth phase PAR value

Why is the PAR value more important than the wattage?

Cheap China lamps have a high wattage, but a lower PAR value. As explained above, the PAR value is essential for the growth and yield of your plant. Therefore, the Bonsanto LED lamps that come with the mini grow boxes are superior to other higher wattage lamps due to their maximum efficiency and good PAR value.

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