Cannabis cultivation Switzerland - Legal situation

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Cannabis cultivation Switzerland - Legal situation

The legal situation around cannabis cultivation in Switzerland has changed a lot recently. While it used to be illegal, growing cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes is now (as of 2023) legal under certain conditions. In this blog post, we will explain to you what the current legal situation is regarding cannabis cultivation Switzerland and whether legalization is possible in the future. If you're interested in this topic, you've come to the right place.

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Current legal situation cannabis cultivation Switzerland

In Switzerland, the cultivation of cannabis is regulated by law and requires a permit for varieties with a THC content of more than one percent. Private cultivation of cannabis is allowed in Switzerland as long as the THC limit is not exceeded. The purchase of CBD seeds is legal in Switzerland. The legal situation around the cultivation of cannabis can change quickly and it is advisable to always be informed about the latest regulations.

Cultivation of cannabis with THC

In Switzerland, cannabis cultivation, consumption and purchase of strains that contain less than 1% THC is legal. If you want to grow hemp in Switzerland as a private person, you are allowed to do so as long as your plants have a low THC content. If a hemp variety exceeds the 1% THC upper limit, it is defined as a narcotic. Therefore, for these strains, the grow, purchase and consumption are illegal and punishable by law. The THC content of your plant can be determined by the authorities using a rapid test. Growing hemp plants with a high THC content requires a permit and is only allowed under certain conditions. The permit can be issued for scientific or medical purposes.

Cannabis legislation is set at both the federal and cantonal levels. It's important to learn about the specific regulations in your region before you start your grow.

Cannabis cultivation in Switzerland

Cultivation of CBD rich cannabis

Since CBD does not cause high, it does not fall under the narcotics law in Switzerland. Thus, the grow of CBD hemp is allowed in Switzerland as long as the THC content remains below the specified 1%. If the THC content is above 1%, a permit is required here as well. CBD (Cannabidiol) ist eine nicht psychoaktive Substanz, die in der Hanfpflanze vorkommt. Du weißt sicherlich bereits, dass CBD für ihre entzündungshemmenden und schmerzlindernden Eigenschaften bekannt ist. CBD-Produkte müssen in der Schweiz den gesetzlichen Anforderungen hinsichtlich Reinheit und Qualität entsprechen. Verschreibungspflichtig sind die CBD-Artikel, die mehr als ein Prozent THC enthalten. Die meisten CBD-Produkte sind in Apotheken und Drogerien erhältlich, aber auch Einzelhandelsgeschäfte kannst du CBD-Produkte finden.

CBD Products - Cannabis Cultivation Switzerland

Buy hemp seeds in Switzerland

In Switzerland, it is legal to buy hemp seeds as long as they are not used to grow THC-rich cannabis. So if you want to buy hemp seeds, you should make sure that they fall under legal use. You can either order hemp seeds online, buy them from the grower or from certain stores. So shipping hemp seeds to your address is legal.

Cannabis while driving

Even if the cultivation, purchase and consumption of cannabis with a THC content of less than one percent is legal, you should be careful when driving. Because in Switzerland it is not allowed to drive a car if there is THC in the blood. This already applies to a low THC content. If you have THC in your blood, you are liable to a fine, imprisonment or the revocation of your driver's license.

Legalization of cannabis cultivation Switzerland

A quick legalization of cannabis in Switzerland is rather unlikely. Currently (as of early 2023), two-and-a-half-year cannabis pilot projects are underway in several Swiss cities. In Basel, for example, several hundred people can legally purchase cannabis for personal use from pharmacies. The goal is to gain knowledge regarding legal but controlled cannabis access in order to incorporate this into political decision-making.

Indoor Cannabis Cultivation Switzerland

If you would like to grow hemp indoors, then take a look at our Bonsanto grow boxes With these you can grow cannabis inconspicuously and easily within your own four walls. You are completely independent of weather and temperature, because the Bonsanto components are perfectly matched to the indoor growth of your cannabis plant. 

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Cannabis Cultivation Switzerland - Overview

  •       In Switzerland, there are clear regulations for the cultivation of THC-containing and CBD-rich hemp
  •       The use, purchase and cultivation of cannabis with a THC content of less than one percent is legal
  •       Cannabis with a THC content of over 1% is defined as a narcotic drug
  •       Hemp seeds can be purchased legally in Switzerland
  •       When driving, THC detectable in the blood is punishable by law
  •       Pilot projects are underway in several cities to test possible legalization
  •       Rapid legalization is nevertheless unlikely

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