Cannabis cultivation Luxembourg: What is legal and what is not?

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Cannabis Anbau Luxemburg - Das ist legal

The legalisation of cannabis is within reach. Last summer, a bill for the legalisation of cannabis was presented in Luxembourg. Are you also curious about what legalisation will look like in the future? In this blog post, we explain to you (as of the beginning of March 2023) what the current legal situation is regarding cannabis cultivation in Luxembourg and what the planned legalisation of hemp will look like. We clarify the questions of where and how many plants can be cultivated in the future and what will continue to be punished with a fine. So if you are interested in growing cannabis in Luxembourg, you have come to the right place.

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Die aktuelle gesetzliche Lage Cannabis-Anbau Luxemburg?

Private cannabis cultivation is currently illegal in Luxembourg. However, in the summer of 2022, the government of Luxembourg decided to decriminalise and legalise cannabis. This is expected to be implemented in 2023. Since 2018, cannabis cultivation for medical purposes has been legalised in Luxembourg, subject to strict regulations. In order to legally cultivate cannabis, special permits and licences must be applied for. In order to obtain the licence for cultivation, companies must adhere to some criteria so that the purity and quality of cannabis products can be ensured.

What is currently legal in Luxembourg?

Currently, only cannabis cultivation for medical purposes is legal in Luxembourg. To ensure that medical cannabis is not abused, there are strict rules for the transport and storage of cannabis products. This means that patients who have been prescribed cannabis products for health reasons can legally consume them.

Cannabis Anbau Luxemburg - Künftige Lagalisierung
Hanf Anbau in Luxemburg - Gesetzliche Lage

What should the legalisation of cannabis in Luxembourg look like?

In the future, private cultivation and recreational use of hemp will also be legal in Luxembourg. Cannabis cultivation will no longer be punishable for persons of legal age. There will be restrictions on the number of cannabis plants. At the moment, it looks as if in the future the cultivation of up to four plants per household will be allowed. However, these may only be grown directly from hemp seeds. Cultivation is only to take place in private spaces, and consumption in public spaces will continue to be punishable. Those who nevertheless consume cannabis in public spaces can expect a fine.

What does decriminalisation mean?

According to the draft law, the possession and consumption of cannabis in public spaces is to be decriminalised. In future, it will not be defined as a crime and thus will no longer be prosecuted. If you are caught with cannabis in public spaces, it will then be treated as a misdemeanour. It can be punished with a fine, which will nevertheless be lower than the previous fine.

How should the limitation of the amount of plants look like?

As already mentioned, the cultivation of cannabis for recreational use is currently prohibited. If this is legalised in the future, there will be a limit of up to four cannabis plants per household. This limit should be respected, as monitoring by the Luxembourg authorities can take place at any time.

Begrenzung Pflanzenanzahl - Cannabis Anbau Luxemburg

Where should the cultivation of cannabis be allowed?

Once cannabis legalisation has been achieved, the current draft law allows you to grow cannabis in your private space. The cultivation should not disturb or be visible to any outside persons. This means that the cultivation may only take place within your own four walls or in your garden.

What should the trade in hemp seeds look like?

The draft law of the Luxembourg government provides for the trade in hemp seeds to be legal in the future. There will be no limit on the number or THC content of the seeds that can be traded. In short, once the legalisation goes through, you will be able to legally buy hemp seeds online and in shops in Luxembourg.

Handel Hanfsamen in Luxemburg

Are CBD products allowed in Luxembourg?

CBD products that have a THC content of less than 0.3% THC can currently be legally purchased and consumed in Luxembourg. People of legal age are also allowed to smoke CBD products that comply with the THC limit.

CBD Gesetz Luxemburg

Cannabis cultivation Luxembourg at a glance

  • Cannabis legalisation to take place in Luxembourg in the near future
  • So far, only cannabis for medical purposes is legalised
  • Persons of legal age to be allowed to grow up to four plants
  • The cultivation and consumption of cannabis should only be allowed in private spaces
  • The trade in hemp seeds is also legalised
  • Public consumption can be punished with a fine
  • CBD products with a THC content of less than 0.3% may currently be sold and consumed
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