Cannabis cultivation balcony - How to grow on the balcony

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Cannabis Cultivation Balcony - How the Balcony Grow Works

You don't have much space in your apartment, but a balcony? You want to enjoy the benefits of growing outdoors, but you don't have a garden? Or you would like to grow cheaply without a lot of equipment? Then cannabis cultivation balcony can be just the right thing for you! Balcony growing is not complicated and is even suitable for grow beginners. Nevertheless, there are a few points you should pay attention to when growing cannabis on your balcony. You can find out what they are in this blog post.

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When is cannabis cultivation balcony a good alternative?

There are many reasons why growing on a balcony is a good alternative to indoor or garden growing. Maybe you live in a country where cannabis cultivation is legal, or you are lucky and your balcony is protected from the eyes of curious neighbors. In either case, balcony grow is a great way to grow your own cannabis plants. Compared to your garden or other outdoor space, balconies are usually better protected from weather conditions. If you compare balcony grow with indoor grow, the advantage of balcony grow is that you can use natural sunlight and rainwater to feed your plant. This way you save costs. You also don't have to worry about the ventilation of your plant when growing on the balcony.

What are the advantages of cannabis cultivation balcony?

As already mentioned, the cannabis cultivation balcony has the advantage that it is cheaper than an indoor grow, since you save on ventilation, irrigation and lighting costs. Therefore, you don't need large equipment and save upfront investment. Also, due to the small growing area, you are unlikely to have to weed, unlike growing in a garden. In short, growing on a balcony has the advantage of being a simple, time-saving and cost-effective growing method.

Cannabis Cultivation Balcony - Hemp Cultivation Outdoor

What plants are suitable for cannabis cultivation balcony?

Since you have no control over weather conditions and environmental influences when growing on a balcony, autoflowering strains should be used for cannabis cultivation on balconies. Since autoflowering plants can grow independently of light and dark phases, they are more weather-independent than other types of plants and are therefore best suited for outdoor growing. They are less sensitive and can tolerate temperature fluctuations and colder climates. In addition, Autoflowers are usually smaller than other varieties, making them more inconspicuous to grow on your balcony.

Of course, which cannabis strain is best for your balcony also depends on where you live. If you live in a colder climate with a short summer, autoflowers and indica plants are best suited for your balcony grow. If you live in a southern country with high temperatures, you can go for sativa varieties.

When can you grow hemp on the balcony?

The right time to grow also depends primarily on where you live. In northern countries such as Germany, you should start your balcony grow in early spring. This way, the plants have enough time to grow and can start flowering at the beginning of autumn. In general, you can say that the cannabis cultivation balcony should be started in spring and finished in autumn.

Cannabis balcony smell

What should you look out for when growing cannabis on the balcony?

There are a few points you should pay attention to when growing cannabis on your balcony. These include choosing the right pot size and grow soil, positioning your cannabis plant on your balcony, and eliminating the smell of cannabis.

Size of pots

Since you are growing your plant in a pot when growing cannabis on the balcony, you should pay attention to the right size of the pot. This has an influence on the growth of your plant and therefore also on the harvest. If you choose a small pot, your plant will not grow as high as in a large pot. Therefore, the larger the pot, the higher the plant will grow. Of course, you can decide for yourself how big you want your plant to grow. Also, make sure that your pot has holes at the bottom so that excess water can run off and the roots of your cannabis plant do not drown. Also think about a trivet! This catches the water that runs off.

Positioning hemp plant

When considering where on your balcony to best position your cannabis plant, pay attention to two key aspects.

For one thing, you should make sure that your plant is protected from the neighbors' view as much as possible. There are several ways you can make your cultivation unobtrusive. For example, disguise your balcony lattice, cover your cannabis plant with a suitable net or decorate your balcony with other plant species or artificial plants. Plants that you can easily grow next to your cannabis plant include mint, basil or marigolds.

The second aspect relates to the weather conditions your cannabis plant will be exposed to on your balcony. Place the plant where it is most likely to be protected from heavy rain, storms and wind. Too much rain will drown your cannabis plant, whereas strong winds can break the plant's branches and leaves. Since cannabis needs a lot of light, especially in the seedling and growing stages, position your plant where it will receive the longest amount of light on the balcony. At least 5-6 hours of direct sunlight per day is recommended for balcony growing. 

But what if you can't find a place where your plant will get enough light and still be protected from wind and weather? No problem! Place your plant where it will get enough light. Move the plant pot to a sheltered spot when the weather changes.

Plant soil

Bei der Wahl der richtigen Erde für deinen Cannabis Anbau Balkon gilt, was auch Indoor wichtig ist. Kaufe eine Pflanzenerde, die speziell für Hanfpflanzen entwickelt wurde. Handelsübliche Erde aus Baumärkten eignet sich nicht, da sie dem Wachstum deiner Cannabis-Pflanze schaden kann. Gute Grow-Erde ist nährstoffhaltig, organisch, locker und hat eine dunkle Farbe. Wenn du noch auf der Suche nach einer geeigneten Erde für deinen Balkon-Grow bist, schaue dir unsere Premium-Erde im Bonsanto Shop an. Auch der richtige Dünger ist beim Cannabis Anbau auf dem Balkon nicht zu vernachlässigen.

Cannabis Smell

Jeder kennt den Cannabis-Geruch, der besonders stark in der Blütephase der Pflanze auftritt. Da du auf deinem Balkon keinen Activated carbon filter nutzen kannst, um Gerüche zu vermeiden, solltest du unbedingt darauf achten, dass dein Balkon durch Wind ausreichend belüftet wird. Auch der Anbau von anderen Pflanzenarten, die einen starken Duft abgeben, kann den Geruch deines Cannabis überdecken.

Grow hemp balcony
Hemp Cultivation Balcony - Grower for Balcony Grow
Cannabis Grow Balcony

Cannabis cultivation balcony in Bonsanto grow box

Wenn du deine Cannabispflanze vor Wind und Wetter und den Blicken der Nachbarn schützen möchtest, aber dennoch den Vorteil des Outdoor Grows nutzen willst, gibt es eine weitere Alternative für den Balkon-Grow. Nutze dafür einfach unsere Bonsanto Outdoor Grow Box or the Bonsanto Mini-Grow-Box XS. Beide Growboxen sind speziell für den Outdoor Grow entwickelt worden. Vorteil ist, dass die Boxen günstig in der Anschaffung sind und die Pflanzen in den Growboxen durch natürliches Sonnenlicht versorgt werden. So sparst du dir Stromkosten. Das verschwommene Glas beider Growboxen ermöglicht einen unauffälligen Anbau und schützt deine Pflanze zusätzlich vor Wetter und Regen. So umgehst du ganz einfach die Nachteile des Outdoor-Grows. Wenn du möchtest, kannst du beide Growboxen mit dem Bonsanto Aktivkohlefilter betreiben. Diesen kannst du an die im Lieferumfang enthaltene Powerbank anschließen. Da der Filter die Geruchsneutralisierung übernehmen wird, brauchst du keinen Wind um Gerüche zu vermeiden.

The most important at a glance

  • Cultivation on a balcony is inexpensive and does not require large equipment
  • Autoflowers are best for the balcony grow
  • In most cases, the cultivation takes place from spring to autumn
  • The larger the pot, the higher the plant grows
  • Protect your plant from the eyes of others
  • Place the cannabis plant in a place protected from wind and rain
  • Ensure maximum light supply from sunlight
  • Use organic, nutrient rich and airy grow soil
  • Cover the smell of cannabis by wind and the cultivation of other plant species
  • The Bonsanto Outdoor Grow Box as well as the Bonsanto Mini-Grow-Box XS allow you to grow unobtrusively and inexpensively on your balcony

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