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As of now, our much sought-after 35-watt LED lamp is available again.

The 35 watt LED plant lamp is our "queen" because it has the following advantages:

Effective and innovative: you do not have to change the lamp between growth and flowering phase. One lamp for all phases.

Cool in operation: it is significantly cooler than other comparable LED plant lamps.

Power saving: It is absolutely power saving. Herewith you get the highest yields at very low electricity costs.

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Cannabis Anbau Zubehör - Dass brauchst du für einen erfolgreichen Indoor Grow

For the perfect indoor grow, you need the right cannabis cultivation accessories in addition to a grow box or grow tent. Without the right accessories, your harvest will most likely turn out bad. Which accessories you should buy, we explain in the following.

In our Bonsanto Shop you can buy suitable grow accessories for the Bonsanto Mini Growboxes. Some accessories, which are essential for your grow, are already included in the delivery of the grow boxes. What exactly is included in the delivery, you can see in the product description of the grow boxes.

Table of contents

Plant pots

Plant pots are an indispensable cannabis growing accessory. Firstly, plant pots provide a controlled environment for the growth of cannabis plants. They can regulate humidity, temperature and ventilation to ensure optimal growth. In addition, plant pots protect the roots of cannabis plants. When planted directly in the ground, plants can be more susceptible to pests and diseases. Plant pots provide physical protection for the roots and keep them away from potential pests. In addition, the pot should not be too small so that the roots of the cannabis plant have room to develop and the plant can grow.


Since cannabis needs CO2 and fresh air to grow, you need to provide good ventilation for indoor growing. Therefore, be sure to get a fan. A Fan improves air circulation and ensures sufficient ventilation, which supports the growth of your plants and prevents mold. It also boosts the plants' metabolism by distributing carbon dioxide in the air, thus stimulating growth. A fan also regulates the temperature and humidity in the grow box.

In unseren Bonsanto Mini Growbox Koffern ist bereits ein USB-Lüfter im Lieferumfang enthalten. Ansonsten kannst du dir in unserem Shop den USB-Lüfter oder einen USB-Lüfter Pro separat zulegen.


Cannabis cultivation accessories also include lighting or a grow lamp. Cannabis plants require a certain amount of light to grow and flower. In indoor grow, it is often difficult to provide enough natural sunlight, and therefore grow lighting is necessary to meet the light needs of the plants. Lighting also affects the growth cycle of your cannabis plant. To reduce electricity costs, we recommend LED plant lights, as they use less electricity and have a longer lifespan than other lights.

We offer three different grow lamps in our store, depending on your needs. The LED lamps are perfectly adapted to your indoor grow, are suitable for every growth phase of your plant and are cheap in power consumption.

Reflective foil

To promote exposure in a grow box or grow tent, you can purchase a reflective foil. The reflective foil ensures that the light from your lamp is reflected throughout the grow box, providing sufficient light to the lower leaves of the plant. This way you can achieve a higher yield in a cost-efficient way, and without increased power consumption!

Wenn du eine Bonsanto Growbox oder ein Bonsanto Growzelt für deinen Indoor Grow nutzt, findest du passende und bereits zugeschnittene Reflektionsfolie in unserem Shop. Diese ist uv- sowie wasserbeständig und lebensmittelunbedenklich und ist somit perfekt für den Grow von Cannabis geeignet.

Cannabis Anbau Reflektionsfolie
Hanf Anbau Reflektionsfolie

Activated carbon filter

An activated carbon filter is an important cannabis cultivation accessory for several reasons. First, the filter significantly reduces the odor of the cannabis plants. This is important to protect privacy and avoid unwanted attention. Second, an activated carbon filter also filters pollutants and particles from the air that can be harmful to both the plants and the growers. This filtration makes the air in indoor grows cleaner and healthier. Furthermore, an activated carbon filter helps keep out pests and pathogens that are attracted to the smell of the plant. Finally, an activated carbon filter can also help stabilize the indoor grow climate by reducing humidity and regulating temperature. This is especially important to maintain plant health and promote optimal growth.

If you decide to buy a Bonsanto growbox, the activated carbon filter is already included. In addition, we offer in our store an activated carbon filter Silent or activated carbon filter Max. The activated carbon filter Silent is characterized by a silent operation, whereas the filter Max is very powerful and is especially recommended when growing several plants at the same time.

Grow soil

Since the growing soil is the foundation for your grow, it should not be neglected when it comes to cannabis growing accessories. The right soil provides a balanced base for plant growth, retains moisture, contains microorganisms and can regulate pH levels. It is important to choose a high-quality grow soil that is tailored to the needs of the cannabis plants. Commercial soil from hardware stores is not suitable for growing cannabis.

The Bonsanto Premium-Erde ist speziell für den Anbau in der Bonsanto Mini Growbox konzipiert, ist vorgedüngt, organisch und selbstregulierend. Die nährstoffhaltige Bonsanto Erde ist daher das perfekte Zubehör für deinen Indoor Grow.


To accelerate the growth of your plant and contribute to healthy plant growth, you can provide your plant with fertilizer and additional nutrients. When growing indoors, the nutrient content of the soil is often limited, so plants need additional nutrients to grow. Fertilizer can also help plants become more resistant to pests and diseases. Balanced nutrition through the use of fertilizers strengthens the immune system of plants and promotes their resistance. Not every fertilizer is suitable for every cannabis variety, so make sure that the fertilizer is suitable for your plant.

In unserem Bonsanto Shop findest du den Dünger Organic Boost und das Konzentrat Extreme Energy. Beide Düngemittel können das Wachstum und die Gesundheit deiner Hanfpflanze stärken.

Measuring equipment

If you own a Bonsanto grow box - here's the good news: you can do without measuring devices completely! The Bonsanto components and accessories are beginner-friendly and coordinated with each other, so that measuring devices are superfluous. The Bonsanto components automatically regulate temperature, EC and pH of the water and soil.

If you don't have a Bonsanto grow box, you should get some measuring devices for your indoor grow. This way you can check if the growing conditions in the grow box are suitable for your cannabis grow. You can use a pH tester to determine the pH of the soil, water and other substances. An EC meter can also be a useful cannabis growing accessory. EC stands for electrical conductivity and indicates the salt concentration in water. If you have a meter that measures this value, you can determine the EC of the soil and water to avoid under- or over-salting your cannabis plant. To determine the temperature and humidity, you can use a thermometer and a hygrometer.


There are analog and digital timers that are part of the useful cannabis cultivation accessories. First of all, a timer is necessary to control the lighting in indoor grow. Since cannabis plants need a certain amount of light to grow and flower, it is important to match the lighting in indoor grow to the needs of the plants. A timer can also help optimize power consumption, as it can automate the turning on and off of electronic devices such as lighting, ventilation or pumps. It can help optimize the schedule for plant care. For example, it can automate the turning on and off of pumps for the irrigation system or the dosing of fertilizer. Also, if you're going to be away for an extended period of time, a timer is useful to keep your cannabis supplied with light and water.

Safety goggles

To protect your eyes from the LED light, goggles can also be useful accessories for your indoor grow. The light in the grow room can be very bright and harmful to your eyes. Therefore, avoid looking directly into the LED lamp.

The Bonsanto Schutzbrille findest du in unserem Shop.

Cannabis Anbau Zubehör für deinen Indoor Hanfanbau

The most important cannabis cultivation accessories at a glance

  • Plant pots for a controlled grow environment and protection
  • Fan and activated carbon filter for air supply and filtration of unwanted odors and pollutants
  • Lighting & reflective film to meet the Light needs- of plants and control the growth cycle.
  • Grow soil & fertilizer to create a nutrient rich environment for the cannabis plant
  • Measuring devices to create a perfect growing environment
  • Timer for controlling lighting and irrigation

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