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Cannabis associations

Cannabis is to be legalised in Germany in the future. The current draft law (April, 2023) by Cem Özdemir (Greens) and Karl Lauterbach (SPD) provides for the authorisation of the cultivation and distribution of cannabis in cannabis associations or so-called "cannabis social clubs". It has not yet been clarified when exactly cannabis grow will be possible in cannabis clubs and remains to be seen. What a cannabis club is, which rules will apply in the future and how you can become a member of such a club, you can find out here.

If you are interested in the current legal situation regarding cannabis use and cultivation and would like to know what legalisation might look like, check out our blog post on "Cannabis Cultivation Germany".

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What is a cannabis association?

There are a few synonyms for cannabis clubs that you have probably heard lately. Names like Cannabis Social Club (CSC), Cannabis Club or Marijuana Club are often used in this context.

Cannabis clubs are to be founded as non-profit associations. In the future, it should be legal to grow cannabis in the clubs in an organised manner and to distribute it to the club members. The current status provides that the clubs can distribute cannabis seeds, cuttings and flowers to members of legal age.

So if you want to use cannabis in the future, you can become a member of a cannabis social club or start your own. At least, that is what the current draft law provides for.

Cannabis Clubs Germany

What are the rules in cannabis clubs?

What rules will ultimately apply in and to marijuana clubs is not yet entirely clear, as legalisation is still in the planning stage. According to the current draft, the following rules will apply:

Cannabis clubs are only allowed to dispense cannabis to their members. The distribution of cannabis to persons who cannot identify themselves as members is to be prohibited. In addition, each club may admit a maximum number of 500 persons. Cannabis social clubs must also abide by the ban on advertising for the club. Since cannabis clubs are not allowed to be profit-making, they should be able to finance themselves through membership fees.

In addition, there are to be rules regarding the quantity to be distributed. Clubs are allowed to distribute a maximum of 25 g at a time and a maximum of 50 g per month to their members.

Furthermore, cannabis clubs are not allowed to hire third parties to grow hemp and only as much may be cultivated as is needed to meet demand. Quality specifications and controls are to ensure safety. In addition, the clubs are not allowed to distribute or sell other goods besides cannabis, such as tobacco and alcohol.

Cannabis Clubs

Who can become a member of the Cannabis Social Club?

If you want to become a member of a cannabis social club, you must be a resident of Germany and at least 18 years old. Furthermore, you may only be a member of one club. Membership in several clubs at the same time shall not be allowed. Underage persons are not allowed to become members of a cannabis club. There will also be further restrictions for persons under 21 years of age, such as a maximum dispensing amount of 30 grams per month.

Cannabis Social Clubs

How can I start a cannabis association?

If you want to found a cannabis club, this will probably be similar to the founding of any other association and you must adhere to the principles of association law. According to the federal government, you are allowed to found a cannabis club as an adult if your reliability has been successfully checked and you do not have a criminal record.

It is important for the foundation of the association that you already have 7 members. This is because when you draw up your association statutes, they must be signed by the 7 members. You need the statutes to be able to register as an association. So find out what you need to include in the statutes. When founding the cannabis club, it is also important to determine a board of directors and a name for the club. Before you can register your club in the register of associations, you have to have the non-profit status of your club checked at the tax office. Tip: If you need more information on how to set up a club, take a look at the ENCOD's guide to setting up a club.

Once your club is established and registered, it is important that you always comply with the applicable cannabis club rules when operating the club.

Marijuana clubs

Bonsanto sponsors cannabis associations

You have a cannabis social club and are looking for a sponsor? Then you've come to the right place! We have years of experience in the field of cannabis grows and would be happy to support your club! Just contact us via our Contact form.

We will sponsor your club and offer you our experience and knowledge in growing cannabis. We provide your club with the necessary Grow-Equipment and help you with the cultivation process so that you can achieve the best yields.

If you have a cannabis association and are interested in sponsorship from us, please contact us. We are ready to work with you and help you realise your projects.

Cannabis association

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